Why Choose Siemens studioLine Appliances for your Kitchen?

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Imagine a world where functional design doesn’t have to mean bland, where exceptional quality becomes standard, and where your cooking experience is enhanced to another level.

Welcome: The Siemens studioLine kitchen appliance range.

The Siemens studioLine is a fully coordinated range of high-quality kitchen appliances, that offers the very latest in technology and design. It’s designed in a way that enables you to benefit from a cooking experience that is just as enjoyable as the look and feel of your new kitchen.

At Room by Room, we’re proud suppliers of the Siemens studioLine appliance range. Not only do they offer the very best in quality and functionality, these kitchen appliances are also designed to work perfectly with modern kitchen designs and materials. If you’re after a modern kitchen design, and are looking for modern kitchen appliances to complete your living space, we would highly recommend Siemens.


Cashback Promotion

And here’s the great news! For a limited time only, you can claim £250 cashback when you purchase two Siemens studioLine ovens before the 31st July. As an extra bonus, you can earn additional cashback for each studioLine appliance purchased alongside the two studioLine ovens, of up to £2,500.

If that hasn’t convinced you to consider choosing a Siemens studioLine appliance for your kitchen, then we have provided more information about the main types of appliances available and the benefits they provide below.


studioLine Ovens

The studioLine ovens are designed with the best of innovation and intelligence in mind. Featuring touch displays, stainless steel handles, stainless steel disc control and a coordinated design, these ovens offer a cooking experience like no other.

Here are some of the main benefits of a studioLine oven:

  • Self-Cleaning – With ‘activeClean’ technology, you can get as creative as you like, but still prepare your food worry-free. You no longer need to use chemical treatments to clean the inside of the oven, but just simply press a button and the oven will clean itself by heating up to very high temperatures. This turns all residues inside into ash which can then be easily wiped away. The telescopic rails are also designed to be used with activeClean. No rubber gloves required!
  • Intelligent Cooking – Featuring the ‘cookControl’ Plus function, the studioLine oven comes pre-installed with recommended settings for achieving the best results for a variety of dishes. For baking, the oven provides a baking sensor that automatically controls the baking process. The sensor can even measure the moisture inside the oven and can notify you when the food is ready.
  • No Pre-Heating – With its ‘coolStart’ feature, cooking frozen food is now much faster. Saving you time in the kitchen, the intelligent heating phase enables food to cook quicker, without the need to pre-heat the oven.


studioLine Hobs

The induction hobs from the studioLine range provides an easier way to cook and prepare food. With a wide range of intuitive features and some beautiful design elements, an induction hob from the studioLine range is well worthy of consideration.

Benefits of studioLine hobs:

  • Flexible Cooking Zones – The flexInduction technology allows you to place a variety of pots and pans over a wide area. The induction zone automatically detects the size of the pans and where they are placed which enables it to adjust the cooking zone to perfectly cook your food.
  • Touch Displays – Using the latest touchscreen technology, the studioLine hobs make it easier to keep an eye on more than one pot or pan. With this touchscreen, you can control every function without the need for rotary dials.
  • Slider Functionality – With just one finger, you can effectively control all of the hotplates. The dualLight feature offers full control of the hob areas for effective temperature control.


studioLine Cooling Appliances

The latest cooling appliances from studioLine provides a modular concept which enables you to get creative with how you use cooling appliances in your kitchen. You can create individual cooling zones or you can combine appliances together for a complete solution.

Benefits of studioLine Cooling Appliances:

  • Modular Design – To meet all of your cooling needs, these kitchen appliances can be combined together to create a complete cooling zone. For example, the studioLine fridges can be combined with a wine cooking unit. Whether you’re after a built-in fridge, freezer, or a combination of both, Siemens has an appliance for your needs.
  • Integrated LED Lighting – The integrated lighting provides another level of depth to your fridge with individual scenarios.


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