Modern, stylish, and functional, these impressive Quooker taps are an innovation in modern kitchen appliances. Quooker taps aren’t just there to look attractive, they are in fact highly practical and often unmatched by other kitchen taps. With a tap on the worktop and a tank underneath, Quooker provides the perfect simple solution for instant boiling water.

These taps are capable of producing fresh 100°C boiling water on demand with a simple twist of a knob. There’s no fuss, no hassle, just boiling water straight when you need it. Gone are the days when you need to rely on a kettle for boiling water when you install a Quooker tap.

Not only can these taps make your kitchen work quicker, but they can also make things much easier. You won’t need to worry about cluttering the kitchen surface and maintaining other appliances when you can get an all-in-one solution.

If your kitchen hasn’t got a Quooker, and you’re considering installing one of these modern taps, then here are some of the benefits of Quooker and how it can improve your kitchen.


How Can Quooker Taps Benefit Your Kitchen?

Since the first patent in 1987, the Quooker was introduced as the world’s first boiling water tap and ever since then, it has made a significant difference to how modern kitchens work. Here at Room By Room, we can also provide Quooker taps as part of a fitted kitchen installation. We can integrate a Quooker boiling water tap into your fitted kitchen design, providing you with the complete kitchen solution. To give you an idea of how this boiling water tap can improve your kitchen, we have listed some of the great benefits that this tap can provide.


Improved Safety

One of the biggest concerns that many people have when it comes to boiling water taps is the safety. Quooker taps are very safe for the kitchen and there are numerous features that greatly reduce the risks of harm. When compared to a household kettle, the difference in safety is night and day. Here are some of the security features on the tap:

  • The tap itself is fully insulated which means that you are able to touch and even move the tap even when boiling water is being dispensed.
  • The water itself is also delivered as a fine spray rather than a solid stream, which gives you plenty of time to move your hands out of harm without it being burned or scalded.
  • Quooker taps come standard with a double push and turn system that makes dispensing boiling water impossible without releasing this first. This is a great safety feature to prevent accidental scalds or burns.


Incredible Versatility

These boiling water taps provide a greater degree of flexibility and versatility for the kitchen. It has a variety of features that make it simple, quick, and convenient for all types of kitchen tasks. Here are some of the great features that the tap has to offer:

  • All of the dedicated boiling taps are fully height adjustable as standard which means that you can deliver boiling water from any height to suit your needs.
  • The tap itself can be rotated so you are able to angle the tap however you need it.
  • You have the option of choosing a separate boiling water tap with an additional mixer tap, or you can choose the Quooker Flex or Fusion, which is a single tap for hot, cold, and boiling water.


Environmentally Friendly

Quooker taps are environmentally friendly and they are better for the environment than kettles. Household kettles can be quite wasteful with energy and water, however, with a Quooker tap, you can get the exact amount of boiling water when you need it. As a result, your water usage will be significantly less throughout the year.

There is also an additional option you can choose called the COMBI system. This system uses a single water feed in order to provide cold water, warm water, and boiling water when you need it, without using water from your usual domestic water supply. This can help reduce the amount of energy used through your central heating boiler.


Long Life Span

If durability and lifespan is a concern of yours, then worry not. These Quooker taps are built using surgical grade stainless steel which gives them a longer lifespan, withstanding durability, and an immaculate appearance that provides a modern aesthetic to match your kitchen. The high-quality materials used also help preserve the quality of water.

In the unlikely event that your Quooker experiences a problem or malfunction, these boiling water taps come with a three-year guarantee which covers you if you do experience issues. They have a trusted customer service team that aims to resolve your problem as efficiently and quickly as possible.


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