Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home as it can link all of the rooms together and become a place where families gather. With this in mind, if you’re planning on a new kitchen design or a fitted kitchen, then it’s important to take the time to decide what type of kitchen you would like. Your kitchen should reflect your lifestyle and design preferences, as well as the rest of your home.

When it comes to the styles of kitchens, there are two main types. There is the traditional style and then there is the modern style of kitchen. These are two of the more popular designs that homeowners like to decide on when designing their kitchens.

To help you understand the differences between a traditional kitchen and a modern kitchen, we have put together some information about the benefits of each style of kitchen.


What is a Modern Kitchen?

Modern kitchens are relatively similar to the contemporary kitchen, but with a little more style. Some of a modern kitchen’s more noticeable features are often the streamlined appearance along with a sophisticated feel. With modern kitchens you will notice that many of the designs appear to be ‘minimal’. Minimalism is a common theme in modern and contemporary kitchens as they emphasize a clean, focused, and uncluttered look which many appreciate. It is also very easy to match interior décor with a minimalistic kitchen.

In a modern kitchen, you’ll also see many straight lines, shiny finishes, industrial materials, reflective surfaces, subtle lighting, and of course, advanced technology and smart appliances. All of these elements contribute to the unadorned appearance of a modern and contemporary kitchen.


What is a Traditional Kitchen?

On the opposite side, the traditional kitchen often provides the best of all worlds and is more about the finer details. Traditional kitchen designs are viewed to be timeless as they incorporate the best elements from the kitchens of the past. You often can’t go wrong when you decide to put together a traditional kitchen as they benefit from tried and tested designs. With a traditional kitchen, you have a variety of options when it comes to colours. Depending on the colour scheme of your home, you could even match your kitchen with those colours for a complete look.

Traditional kitchens are known for maintaining a classic, charming, and everlasting appearance that doesn’t go out of style. Although they incorporate many of the classic elements, these kitchens do not feel mundane or dull. Instead, they have an appeal that many buyers are looking for and there won’t be much work needed to keep it updated.

When you compare the traditional kitchen to a modern kitchen, there is a significant difference in the appearance and ultimately, the choice of whether you would want to go with a traditional or modern kitchen will depend on your tastes, needs, and preferences.


What are the Benefits of a Modern Kitchen?

Here are some of the benefits of a modern kitchen:

Advanced Technology – Modern kitchens and contemporary kitchens often place a huge emphasis on the technology. The technology is there to help make the mundane tasks easier and improve the functionality of the kitchen. Smart appliances are commonly found in contemporary kitchens.

Emphasis on Space – Space is something that we all appreciate in the kitchen. Modern kitchens are known for their clean and uncluttered appearance, whilst offering innovative storage solutions which helps to maximise space utilisation.

Colour Customisation – When it comes to colour customisation in a modern kitchen, there are a variety of ways you could theme the kitchen around a colour. You could get coloured splashbacks, coloured smart appliances, and coloured islands, all whilst maintaining a modern appearance in the kitchen.


What are the Benefits of a Traditional Kitchen?

Here are some of the benefits of a traditional kitchen:

Warm & Welcoming – The traditional style tends to have a homely feeling and it is often thought of as warm, secure, and relaxing. This is mainly reflected by the choice of materials, such as wood, timber, and even stone. To further emphasize the homely feeling, these kitchens are often paired with warmer hues of colours such as oranges and yellows.

Natural Materials – As mentioned above, traditional kitchens tend to feature a lot of natural materials that have a long lifespan. These material choices can vary from wood, timber, stone, or tile and they can be paired with muted colours for an aged and timeless look.

Always In Style – One of the main benefits of the traditional style, is that they will never go out of fashion. Although design trends may fade in and out, there will always a place for traditional kitchens.


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