Top Vital Tools For Your Kitchen

Apr 17, 2019 | Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Tips & Advice, Kitchen Tools, News

Every kitchen needs accessible tools to make your kitchen enjoyable and an easy place to work. Any good workspace requires tools to make kitchen work a lot easier and of course having your work surfaces cleaned as hygiene is key within the kitchen. There are some top vital tools you must have for your kitchen, here are some of them.



Having knives is, of course, a must-have tool in your kitchen for chopping up ingredients and any other knife required work. All you really need is 3 knives: a 9 to 10 inch-long knife, a serrated knife and a paring knife for the essentials of the kitchen. However, when purchasing these knives it is best to hold onto the knives, so the knives feel natural in your hand. Purchase the knives that you can afford and if it feels natural in your hand. These knives will last for many years.



Another must-have tool in the kitchen are bowls, they are very convenient if you are planning to mix ingredients with each other or you are planning to bake. Purchasing a set of 3 stainless-steel mixing bowls are very versatile, affordable and will last for a long period of time. In addition to this, it saves a lot of space as they fit inside one another which means it won’t make your kitchen a giant mess.


Cutting Boards 

Cutting boards are of course vital tools in the kitchen, it is best to have two cutting boards, one for raw proteins, the other one for cooked foods and produce so it avoids cross-contamination when cooking. Cutting boards are durable, affordable and require very low maintenance due to the fact most cutting boards are made of polyethylene plastic making it very easy to clean. It is also recommended to search for ones that are dishwater safe.



Cookware is a must in kitchens as that is where your food will be cooked and where is it prepared. For beginner cooks, it is best to get a non-stick skillet, but it is vital that you do not use metal utensils on non-stick pans, this because you can scratch the surface and it will affect the non-stick surfaces. It is best that you get a small and a large non-stick skillet, also both small and large stainless-steel skillets. You will need a small and large saucepan and a stockpot.



Cooking meat and poultry safely will require a thermometer, you can purchase this in most supermarkets in the kitchen gadget section. Make sure to get the instant-read thermometer, it will make sure that your meat is safely cooked or done to your preference.


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