Top Kitchen Trends in 2019

Mar 20, 2019 | Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

Last year, we have seen a tremendous amount of trendy kitchen styling ideas and it was mainly focused around minimalism and rose gold appliances. In 2019, there are numerous kitchen styling ideas that are trending so far. If you’re planning a kitchen re-design or a new kitchen design, then why not take a look at some of the latest trends for 2019?

We hope to get you inspired with brand new ideas for your kitchen with a few trends listed below.


1970’s Look

The retro look is making a come back in 2019, specifically the 1970’s era. This style will mainly be used on tiles and it will encourage more 70s trends to be used within the home. So far, we have seen that there is a strong focus on plentiful colour use, specifically the earthy tones. These colours may include ochre brown, mustard yellow, olive green, and even a spiced honey amber.


Grid Tiling

For the past few years, we have seen the rectangular metro tiles taking centre stage for kitchen trends, however, it seems that the year of 2019 is where that trend is likely to slow down. The up and coming trend is using square tiles that are laid in a grid formation with a much darker grout. This has a much more modern and prominent appearance, especially if it is done in white. To add that extra appeal, you may even want to line the tile edges with gold for a premium, luxurious appearance.


Vibrant Accents

It’s the year 2019, which means that vibrancy and quirkiness are in abundance. We have seen a variety of vibrant colour uses with primary hues on different aspects of the kitchen, such as furniture. Blue is a popular colour this year as it complements a variety of vibrant colours. So far, vibrant colour usage seems to be a hit with homeowners and they are taking a more creative and unique approach in 2019.


Prominent Floors

Understated, yet prominent, the kitchen floor has seen a different trend in 2019. Normally, we would keep the kitchen floor quite muted to make the rest of the kitchen stand out, however, we have seen kitchen floors making a bigger impression whilst keeping everything else minimal. In addition to this, if you are planning an open-plan kitchen, then having statement tiles will be extremely effective. These tiles can sit aesthetically against wooden planks that bring in the warm and cosy feel to the bright space.


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