Top 5 Kitchen Island Ideas

Mar 20, 2020 | Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Storage, Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

A kitchen island is the pinnacle of your kitchen. It’s a lovely addition which can be equipped with the most lavish materials and smart storage solutions to improve the way you do things in the kitchen, all whilst looking exceptional.

To help you make the most out of your kitchen, here are our top 5 ideas for an island. For those with smaller kitchens and are working with a smaller kitchen design, then these tips may be helpful.


Image of White Fitted Kitchen

Add Plug Sockets

Extra plug sockets would be an excellent addition to your kitchen island, especially if you have a modern kitchen design. We use devices everywhere we go, so it would be beneficial to have a few extra plug sockets in your kitchen. These plugs can not only be used to power the smaller appliances such as mixers, but you can also use them for other devices such as laptops or phones.

If your kitchen is the centre of your home, then you may want to consider extra plugs for your island. Especially if you’re spending time working in the kitchen or often have guests around. This can also be particularly handy if you have children that enjoy playing on their devices in the kitchen.


Undermount Sink by FrankeAdd a Kitchen Sink

Adding a sink into your kitchen island can provide a wide range of benefits, especially if you have a smaller kitchen and you need more space. You can install a sink into your island which provides greater accessibility as it’s in the centre of your kitchen. The space that the sink would have taken up against the wall can then be converted into extra worktop space or a place for storage.

If you have a larger island, then you might want to opt for a kitchen sink with an additional drain basin for added functionality. There are a variety of features and functions that you can add to your kitchen island to make it more usable and convenient for daily tasks.


Add a Fridge    

If you’re often running out of space in your current standalone or built-in fridge, then a small under-counter fridge might be the solution you’re looking for.

On larger kitchen island workstations, a small fridge compartment is a fantastic way to keep smaller items fresh and it’s also great for accessibility and convenience when cooking.

If you often have guests around, then you can also store cold drinks in the small fridge which makes it more convenient for your guests.

Whether it’s to keep the fruit, vegetables, or salads cool, an integrated fridge in your island would make a great addition to any kitchen.


Image of a smart kitchen appliance.Add Other Appliances

Similar to a fridge, you can actually install a variety of kitchen appliances into your island. If you have a larger island, you may want to maximise the space available and install other kitchen appliances to help you cook more effectively. Appliances such as ovens, stoves, and hobs can all be installed into an island.

A large island with integrated appliances will allow you to complete tasks more effectively as the ingredients, appliances, and dishes will be within arm’s length. If you have under-counter appliances then it can help free up the worktop space which means you will have more room to work with.


Image of Clever StorageAdd Storage Areas

Additionally, a variety of smart storage solutions could be added to almost anywhere on your island, such as the side, the corner, and even on the inside. This will create extra space and it provides an effective solution to your space requirements.

There is a wide range of storage options to choose from when it comes to kitchen islands, simply because they can be designed to accommodate any shape, whether you have a rounded, rectangular, squared, or even a corner island. Organised drawers, open cabinets, and hanging storage frames can all be added to your island.

This island is great for creating supplementary space and it uses your space efficiently by adding different features to your island, such as a hideaway for your chairs to be tucked into.


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