Top 5 Kitchen Accessory Ideas

Oct 10, 2019 | Fitted Kitchen, Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

The kitchen is the main part of the household where the magic happens, bringing the family together. it is a vibrant space full of positive vibes that are used for multiple things such as cooking, homework and a place for relaxation.

Here are some kitchen accessory ideas to transform the overall appearance of your kitchen and make your kitchen stand out.


Vases & Decorations

Kitchen vases are a good accessory to add to your kitchen, enlighten your kitchen with a vase full of beautiful flowers. Flowers alone help to bring a natural, fresh feeling but there can be other ways to implement a creative, unique idea to your vase.

Filling your kitchen vase with soil and planting seeds will be a good addition to your windowsill. This can make your kitchen look more authentic and different from others, adding a heavenly feel to your kitchen as you enter.


Kitchen Shutters

Shutters can come in various designs; a modern look is a good way of bringing out the colours of your kitchen. On the other hand, a vintage style can bring you back in time to the 90s with less bright colours but a perfect old effect if that’s your preference.

Kitchen shutters are more adaptable than curtains as it is more versatile and provides good protection from sun rays beaming into your kitchen.


Expressive Tiling

How about adding colourful tiles? A great way to refresh your kitchen design with vibrant tiles, giving you positive vibes soon as you walk into your kitchen getting ready to whip up a storm.

Kitchen tiles come in many styles catering to your needs and preferences. A neat pattern can be adapted such as zigzags or quirky shapes creating an arty effect on your personal area.


Kitchen Rugs

Do you want something comfortable for your kitchen? Why not add a kitchen rug. Laying down a warm, comfy rug in your kitchen brings a homely feeling to the area. Rugs come in various shapes, colours and sizes to suit your needs and design requirements. From colourful patterns with different textures to vintage colours with eccentric patterns, there is an incredible variety of suitable rugs to choose from.

This can also be a fantastic way of separating large spaces into smaller areas; making everything more convenient and easier to access. An extra benefit of using rugs is that they can help as this can be also helpful when you have family helping you with the cooking.



Paintings, art pieces and canvases are excellent items for adding more personality to your kitchen. Using pieces of artwork and paintings can help brighten up your kitchen design and make it more interesting and appealing. In addition, if you have a modern artwork piece, it can emphasise the modern aesthetics of your kitchen which often makes a tremendous difference. The opposite also applies to traditional paintings and classic kitchens.


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