Top 5 Festive Kitchen Decoration Ideas

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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, where family and friends get together to enjoy the festive season exchanging presents, playing festive music and scoffing our faces with food.

Many may have already decorated their home in fancy flickering lights and tinsel, along with the traditional Christmas tree. However, for those who are struggling to come up with festive ideas to decorate their home, we have collated a list of festive kitchen decoration ideas to help get your kitchen into the Christmas spirit.


Seasonal Storage Items

It’s that time of the year again where we indulge in the sweetest festive treats. It’s the perfect excuse for investing in cake tins and dessert containers. These festive and colourful items are great for storing treats and they add a dash of colour to your kitchen countertop space. If you’re looking for some festive decorations that are also very useful, these items may be for you.


Gingerbread House

Children love getting creative and enjoying sweet treats when it comes to Christmas. Why not combine both of these things and get together to create a decorative Gingerbread house? It’s an old Christmas tradition that originated in Germany but has continued to be a popular activity during the festive season. It’s perfect for keeping the kids busy and the outcome is sure to impress!

Depending on how the gingerbread was prepared, it can have a long shelf-life for decoration purposes. If you’re planning on eating it, then you may wish to use higher-quality dough and consume the gingerbread house within a few days of making.


Wreaths & Ornaments

Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas wreath does. A simple green ornament that can be hung on your doors makes it a space-saving decoration that is very easy to work with in the kitchen. Wreaths aren’t just limited to the outdoors, but they can also be used indoors to carry the Christmas cheer inside. You can buy premade wreaths with a variety of ornaments to match the style of your kitchen.

You may also wish to place a few Christmas ornaments around the kitchen, such as small decorative Christmas trees, baubles, snowflake rugs, wooden items, tinsel, candles; the list is endless. These items would be great for filling up space on your kitchen island, kitchen countertop, and any empty shelves. These small ornaments help maintain the Christmas theme throughout the kitchen.


Christmas Tree & Festive Table Ideas

If you have enough space in your kitchen, you could even add a Christmas tree. A tree would be perfect for tying the entire Christmas theme in your kitchen. You can even decorate the tree in colours that match the rest of your kitchen and theme to make it the focal point. Placing the tree near the dining table also means that it’s a sight to be admired while at the table with the family.

You may even want to decorate the main dining table to make it more festive. Adding small decorative objects such as lamps, candles, miniature Christmas trees, or any other themed decorative items is sure to make it more festive. To go a step further with your dining table decoration, you could add small hints of fresh-cut greenery to add more colour and depth.


Christmas Lights

The Christmas décor wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Christmas lights! There’s an abundance of lighting ideas when it comes to decorating for Christmas. Here are some ideas:

  • You can use traditional colourful string lights around the kitchen to add more colour.
  • You may want to use twinkling fairy lights to enhance certain areas of the kitchen, such as the overhead cupboards or the open shelving area.
  • You could even use Christmas-themed lights such as a string of hanging stars which you can place over the windows or blank walls.


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