Top 3 Futuristic Kitchen Elements

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When you think of contemporary or futuristic kitchen design, what do you see? An all-white kitchen, sharp lines, minimalistic features, handleless cupboards, and perhaps fancy lighting?

The future of kitchen design offers so much more than just minimalistic styling and lighting. The way we use kitchens and the functionalities that we require from a kitchen has evolved over the years. The modern lifestyle requires the kitchen to be versatile, convenient, and intuitive in order to help us complete our daily tasks as efficiently as possible.

Many ‘futuristic’ kitchen design elements already exist in modern kitchens and it has enhanced the way we use our kitchens. From using the internet on your refrigerator to using smart coffee machines that can make your coffee for you, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing these elements in widespread adoption.

At Room by Room, we have years of experience in working with contemporary and handleless kitchen designs. If you are looking for a modern and innovative kitchen that can keep up with the modern lifestyle for years to come, then get in touch with us.

We have provided examples of what these futuristic design elements are and how they can work in your kitchen design below.


Smart Refrigerators

Whilst the core functionality of a refrigerator will remain the same, a contemporary smart fridge provides amazing additional benefits that traditional fridges lack. In fact, the contrast between what a smart fridge and a traditional fridge can provide is significant enough that future kitchens may not even use traditional fridges anymore.

A smart refrigerator often comes with a built-in touch screen with internet connectivity capabilities. This means that your fridge can connect to your home Wi-Fi and link up to your other smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Some high-end smart refrigerators even enable you to see inside your fridge without even needing to open the door, helping you keep track of stock.


Benefits of Smart Refrigerators

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – You can connect your smart fridge with your home internet which enables data integration from other smart devices in your home. You can even browse the internet on your fridge through the touch-screen!
  • Shopping List – Shopping for groceries has never been easier. You can add items to your shopping list through the touch-screen or by voice command.
  • Voice Control – Most smart refrigerators will have voice control capabilities to help you use the fridge without touching it.
  • Track Expiry Dates – Keeping track of the expiry dates on your items is now much easier. Some fridges will be able to use their advanced cameras to track expiration dates on items, and warn you when something is due to go off.
  • Play Music – As your fridge is connected to your home internet, you can stream music through your mobile phone.


Hygienic & Sturdy Countertops

Having clean and hygienic kitchen countertops that are reliable and sturdy will be very important in the future. Quartz and Porcelain worktops are non-porous materials which makes it harder for bacteria to thrive and cleaning is also very easy. Whilst granite and marble kitchen countertops would also still be popular choices in the future, porcelain and quartz countertops will see an increase in demand as they combine the best of what nature and man have to offer.

Natural quartz is combined with resin to create a material that is just as strong as granite, but also provides better impact resistance and does not require sealing. With porcelain worktops, they are highly scratch-resistant, burn resistant, and the surfaces are less likely to stain.

These are likely to be the go-to choices for futuristic kitchen designs given the benefits they provide over other types of materials.


Innovative Induction Hobs

Induction hobs have existed for quite some time now, and they are still popular in many modern kitchen designs. These types of hobs have evolved over the years and have become more efficient, responsive, and they are able to offer more features than before. Induction hobs are also seen to be safer than gas hobs as they heat up the pan, rather than the hob itself. This minimises the chances that you or your family could get burned by the induction hob.

Similar to the smart refrigerators, many types of induction hobs are able to be connected to your home Wi-Fi and they even have Bluetooth capabilities. With this technology, you can connect your phone to the hob and see when your meals are cooked, remotely. You can even control the hob remotely from your phone.


Benefits of Induction Hobs

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – You can connect your hob to your mobile phone and remotely control the hob. You can check if the burners are off when you’re not at home and you can even receive real-time alerts.
  • Safety – Modern induction hobs have a variety of safety features that gas hobs do not have. Some induction hobs are able to automatically turn off if it detects that an item has been cooking for too long. Most inductions hobs have safety locks to prevent children from accidentally turning on the hob by touching the buttons.
  • Heating Zones – Induction hobs are quite flexible in terms of where you can place the pan. They often provide more heating zones than gas hobs and they can also detect the size of the pan that has been placed to automatically adjust the heat required to perfectly cook the food.


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