The Very Best Of Clever Kitchen Storage

Dec 28, 2018 | Kitchen Storage, Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

The kitchen will always remain to be one of the most important rooms to organise, especially when there is a multitude of kitchen appliances, cookware, and items. The infinite list of accessories, food items, boxes, and bags can easily take up most of the space in a small kitchen. So, how can you make the most out of your kitchen space whilst making it look uncluttered and attractive?

The most successful kitchen designs will often deliver not just the grand appearance, but also the much-needed functionalities. With today’s standard of kitchens, the demands have increased a lot more and kitchens must be able to store a variety of items and provide quick access to everything that you may need.

At Room By Room, we understand that an organised kitchen is paramount, which is why we provide a variety of innovative organisation items and products that can help streamline your kitchen design. Our kitchen storage solutions utilise every inch of your kitchen space and provide maximum functionality whilst retaining the sophistication and grandeur to match the rest of your kitchen design.


Here are a few of the best examples of our storage solutions for your kitchen:



Drawers are great for increasing accessibility, especially when it comes to food storage and enabling you to find everything conveniently.  Drawers are available in a number of designs and styles. A very popular style of drawers are soft closing drawers. Soft-closing kitchen drawers have multiple benefits because they don’t slam, meaning there is less movement of drawer contents and less maintenance required for your cabinets due to little/reduced slamming of drawers. There are a varied range of styles of drawers to suit your needs and at Room By Room, we can integrate drawers into your kitchen design.


Splashback Hangers & Shelves

In the kitchen, one of the many areas that could be used to add colour, texture, and even functionality to is the splashback. Not only is this part useful for protecting the area between the cabinets and the countertop, but it can also be used for a variety of things, such as a shelf or even a hanger. By including shelves or hangers in that area, you can fully utilise that particular space that is often left unused in many kitchens. Anything shelved or hanged in that area will be easily accessible as it’s right on top of the countertop.


Utensil Drawers

These utensil drawers remain to be one of the most useful products in the kitchen, simply because they keep all of your silverware out of sight and they are very easily accessible. One of the main benefits of these types of drawers, is that you can be very customised and bespoke with your drawer. This means that you can have different styles, designs, and types to store various cutlery and silverware depending on your needs. You might have the standard organiser inside the drawer or you could opt for a different style, such as a vertical organiser. No kitchen would be complete without a utensil drawer.


Spice Storage

If you love to cook and are a spice lover, then you might want to spice up your kitchen with these storage racks or deep cabinet shelves. There are a variety of practical designs and styles for spice storage and many people like these products because they are so practical. Vertical spice storage units can be pulled out which allows you to stack and line up several spice items into a thin space. This provides an abundance of storage space whilst maintaining a sophisticated appearance to match your kitchen design. If you’re looking to maximise the space in your kitchen design, then you may want to consider these spice storage products.


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