The Benefits of Electric Hobs vs Gas

Jan 2, 2019 | Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

Are you in the market for a new cooker but are unsure about which type of cooker to get? With a huge variety of cookers available in the market, it can sometimes be overwhelming when deciding on which cooker is right for you. Each type of hob has its own benefits and they may be more suited to different people depending on how they like to cook. At Room By Room, we can also include either an electric hob or a gas hob as part of your fitted kitchen installation. If you’re designing your kitchen and looking for an all-in-one solution, then we can help you.

To help you understand the differences and benefits of electric hobs and gas hobs, we have put together some essential information to help you decide which cooker is right for you.


What are Gas Hobs?

Using gas as the energy for cooking food, the gas hob is one of the most popular types of hobs in the UK. The gas cooker is available in different sizes and can feature various numbers of burners. Depending on your kitchen size and how your cooking needs, you can have anywhere from 2 compact burner hobs up to 6 burner hobs. The standard gas hob usually features four or five burners and a manual ignition switch that ignites the gas when you need to use it. Generally, gas cookers are very easy to control as they have a row of simple knobs at the front or to the side which is used to control the flames.


Benefits of a Gas Hob

  • There are two main surface materials that are used for a gas cooker, which are glass and stainless steel. Depending on your cooking needs and your kitchen design, you may wish to opt for either of these materials. Glass tends to be more expensive than stainless steel so it’s important to keep this in mind when you are budgeting for a new cooker.
  • These hobs are usually better at simmering due to the instant and easy-to-control heat. The heat is also generally spread evenly across the base of the pan when cooking, which means less time needed on stirring the food.
  • In recent years, the gas cooker has become more advanced when it comes to energy efficiency. Many of the modern gas hobs now have an ‘optimal’ burner which means that the flame runs vertically rather than horizontally. This also means that the flame can spread to the edge of the pan and greatly reduce energy usage.


What are Electric Hobs?

With electric hobs, these cookers use electricity as energy to cook the food. The modern electric hob often falls into two categories, ceramic and induction. These categories are different in how they cook the food, but they are also quite similar in some aspects. As an example, both categories provide the same streamlined appearance and they both provide a smooth surface that makes cleaning an easier job.

As for the differences between ceramic and induction, ceramic cookers are often the cheaper alternative to the induction cooker and they come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit almost all kitchens. Induction cookers utilise a different technology than ceramic which enables them to be more energy efficient and a safer option.


Benefits of an Electric Hob

  • Electric hobs are very practical, especially if you live in a rural area where mains gas isn’t widely available. Not only are these hobs highly practical, but they do provide a wide range of safety features which can be beneficial for families. These safety features include indicators to show when a zone is still too hot to touch and there are also locks that stop the cooker from working unless the right combination of buttons is pressed.
  • Ceramic and induction hobs provide a very streamlined appearance with a flat surface which makes it very easy to clean. Unlike the induction cookers, the ceramic cooker does not require a specific pan to be used.
  • Induction hobs have a reputation for their safety and energy efficiency. Modern induction hobs feature temperature controls which enable you to tweak the intensity of the heat in very small increments. This means that you can benefit from excellent heat control and cook your food to perfection.


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