Taking Time Out with Karen Walker, Home Economist

May 25, 2018 | News

Karen has delivered a number of live cookery demonstrations for us in our Wolverhampton based showroom.  Using our range of Siemens Studioline appliances, Karen’s cookery demonstrations have provided a fantastic opportunity for our customers, past, present and future to experience Siemens appliances first hand, try them out for the themselves and more importantly taste the results!

Here’s what Karen had to say when we took the time out to have a chat with her about her role and the must have’s in your kitchen.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I have always loved cooking & had a fantastic career in the food industry & cookery journalism creating new products, recipe development, food photography, TV commercials & cookery demonstrations.  Then becoming freelance after having a family, the cookery/product demonstrations I carry out for Siemens Studioline gives me the pleasure of using my expertise to inspire & motivate customers to obtain the most out of the fantastic appliances & technology now available.  

What would be your go to meal to cook ?

That’s a difficult question to answer.  I love a great roast dinner but equally enjoy steamed salmon and vegetables or a wonderful beetroot risotto.  

We are asked an awful lot about the pro’s and con’s between gas and electric hobs.  What is your preference and why?

Siemens gas hobs have a function called Flame Select which works to give excellent control over the hobs gas flow which really helps when cooking.  Personally, my preference is for induction.  Induction hobs are efficient, provide superb controllability and are very easy to clean.

Siemens ovens have some fantastic cooking functions, if you had to pick a favourite what would it be and why?

Pulse steam combined with the meat probe.  The pulse steam function uses steam to add moisture at the selected level, low, medium or high, depending on what you are cooking, dough proofing, bread baking , cakes, pastries, meat, fish, etc throughout the cooking process whilst the meat probe, placed into the meat/fish from a cold oven, monitors the temperature of the meat/fish to deliver perfect results every time.

Steam or not to Steam? 

Steam is a great healthy way to cook maintaining vitamins, texture and flavour in your recipes.


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