Siemens Kitchen Appliances

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Siemens home appliances fuse functionality, engineering & design to deliver innovative & quite simply, exquisite appliances.

From ovens that speed up the cooking process to fridge/freezers with food preservation technology, from award winning dishwashers to Wi-Fi enabled appliances (Home Connect), Siemens appliances not only deliver a range of solutions in response to the demands of modern day living but work to reduce the impact we have on our environment.

With Siemens kitchen appliances you can not only be assured of their quality but functionality, technology and design.

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Why We’re Proud to Stock & Sell Siemens Kitchen Appliances

At Room by Room, we know that no matter how good our fitted kitchens are, they can only ever be as good for our customers as the appliances and tools used within them. For this reason, we decided that we would only supply our customers with the very best of all appliances that we could find. We were ecstatic when we discovered that Siemens covered essentially everything you could need in a kitchen due to the great quality and clever innovation of their products.

Siemens ovens are remarkable with their great aesthetics and impressive technology that actually quickens the cooking process. Their washing machines are equally impressive with their Sensofresh technology which eliminates bad odours without washing, or their iSensoric technology which smartly automates a lot of the washing process. It doesn’t end there, you’d be amazed at the technology in any of their kitchen products, from their cookers / hobs & dishwashers to their fridges, freezers, coffee machines & tumble dryers.