Quooker - The Boilng Water Tap

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The Quooker Boiling Water Tap renders your kettle out of date, dispensing boiling water at a true 100°C on demand with the Quooker Fusion dispensing boiling water, hot water and cold water!

Boiling water in an instance, a ‘must have’ in every kitchen.

The Quooker Tap is Energy Efficient, Safe, Water Saving, Space Saving, Stylish & Time Saving.  The tap can used to make hot drinks, blanch vegetables, peel tomatoes, fill up your pasta/vegetable pan, sterilise dummies, prepare baby formula, heat up plates, remove candle wax and much much more.

Available in 3 finishes, a choice of shapes and a combination of other options, for more details click the button below.

Why We Are Proud to Stock Quooker Taps at Room by Room

As well as being an innovative kitchen solution that saves our customers a lot of time and matches the rest of the outstanding functionality of our fitted kitchens, one of the things we like most about these taps is that safety has very much been considered in the design of them.

We feel that having a kitchen with a Quooker tap installed is safer for those who have children due to the lack of a kettle. With Quooker boiling taps there is a child proof double push-and-turn handle that is used to dispense 100°C water, this is a great feature that means you don’t have to worry about your young children burning themselves with hot water, which is a worry using the traditional kettle.

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