Quooker Tap Designs – Which Is Best For You?

Nov 20, 2019 | Kitchen Taps, News

A Quooker tap comes in many options such as the 3 in 1 tap or a sperate boiling water tap which consists of a kitchen tap with a tank in your kitchen cupboard. These new, quirky, innovative designs are perfect for your kitchen as they’re classy with a finishing touch to the design. They are the new age of taps, created to make using taps much easier, simple and useful.

Flex Quooker

Flex Quooker is a flexible tap that has a built-in pull-out hose that can be used to clean and rinse your sink easily, this can also be used for cold, hot and filtering water with an additional cold-water filter transforming your Quooker to an exclusive 4 in 1. This is an innovative break-through design for modern kitchen appliances and is a great way to improve your kitchen.

The Flex Quooker has amazing features that have proven to be helpful in the kitchen. When you just want to relax and have a hot drink, this Flex Quooker is able to dispense 100°C of boiling water for an immediate hot drink. The Flex Quooker is made from stainless steel, which is the perfect material to withstand the tremendous heat; also polished chrome to add a little shine to the tap, adding to the overall aesthetic.

Design & Features

  • An exclusive 4-in-1 kitchen tap.
  • Convenient pull-out hose for controlled application of boiling and cold water.
  • A number of safety features to make this tap safer.
  • Available in a swan-neck or a round-style.
  • It can be finished in polished chrome or stainless steel.


Quooker Fusion

Quooker fusion dispenses hot, cold and 100°C boiling hot water all from an elegant, innovative spout. The Quooker Fusion tap is a wonderful, beautiful kitchen tap that would fit perfectly with any kitchen interior, this Fusion design allows your modern-day life to be much easier as a simple double-tap and twist quickly spurts out boiling water into your pots and cups without any hassle. Also, another benefit is instant boiling water will save you time and energy as you don’t have to wait for an overflowing kettle to boil.

Quooker Fusion is one of the newest models with a single tap that has a mixer and boiling water function. The Quooker fusion saves space and can be beneficial to your family home as this tap comes with a childproof safety lock so, therefore, children cannot burn themselves if they were to play with the tap. The tap comes in two different colours black and gold along with stainless steel, which is easy to clean and provides a modern, attractive appearance.

Design & Features

  • Cold, hot & boiling water available from one tap.
  • The spout can be turned 360°.
  • A red light will be visible when boiling water is being dispensed.
  • The tap is insulated which allows you to safely touch the tap whilst boiling water is being dispensed.


Classic Fusion

Classic fusion is a boiling hot water tap and mixer tap which is combined in the classic fusion. This is a useful function as hot, cold and boiling water comes out one single spout; also, a sophisticated child safety system has been put in place to make sure that a Quooker will not dispense the dangerously hot water automatically.

Why a classic fusion? A classic all in one fusion provides you with outstanding features and can be adapted to any country style, fitting into your kitchen perfectly with the finishing polished chrome and nickel making the Flex Quooker tap design stand out from the rest.

Design & Features

  • Combines cold, hot, and boiling water into one spout.
  • Tap insulation ensures that it is not too hot to touch whilst dispensing boiling water.
  • It uses a simple activating mechanism for dispensing hot water that is also childproof. 


Nordic Twin Taps

Nordic twin taps consist of two separate functions, one tap will spurt out cold and hot water while the other one is used to pour out boiling hot water. There is also a height difference allowing small children to use the bigger tap to wash their hands rather than the smaller one.

Nordic twin taps are a new innovative way of making your life in the kitchen less complicated. A Quooker twin tap has matching boiling hot water and mixer taps ready for use, featuring adjustable heights of both taps. Also, a polished chrome finish adds a unique look, grabbing the customer’s attention as it is very stylish and attractive. Stainless steel is used to provide an authentic look while being very durable and resistant to below freezing temperatures and water above 100°C.

Design & Features

  • Insulated tap to prevent accidental burns.
  • Adjustable height for ease of use.
  • Dispenses boiling water as a fine spray to prevents burns.


Nordic Single Tap

Nordic single tap is a boiling water tap that dispenses only boiling hot water, this can be installed next to your existing kitchen tap allowing you to have two different taps with useful functions. You can have one tap that pours out cold and water while the other one pours boiling hot water.

This amazing design is very essential when it comes to cooking in your kitchen. Supplying you with clean fresh water, filtering out any gunk that may have entered your tank by accident. Stainless steel material is used to reduce bacteria and increase hygiene within the kitchen, also stainless steel is fire and heat resistant so you wouldn’t have to worry about gauging the hot water.

Design & Features

  • Rotatable tap for convenience.
  • Only dispenses boiling water.
  • The tap is insulated to ensure it isn’t too hot to touch when dispensing boiling water.
  • Features a child safety handle to prevent accidents.
  • Available in polished chrome.


Classic Nordic Single Tap

The Nordic tap is a classic style tap that you can combine with your own mixer. This tap also has insulation, ensuring that the spout isn’t too hot to touch.

Do you want a simple and easy-to-use tap? Then why not try the classic Nordic single tap? The designers at Quooker have added innovative ideas to create a wonderful tap that suits your needs throughout the day, making cooking and doing chores much easier.

Design & Features

  • Insulated tap to prevent accidents when touching.
  • A red light signals when the water tank is heating up or when boiling water is being dispensed.
  • The tap is height adjustable.
  • Available in nickel, stainless steel, and polished chrome finishes.


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