Quartz Worktops

Engineered with pure quartz crystal, quartz worktops let you bring the best of both worlds – nature and science – to your kitchen, bathroom and throughout your home.

Explore the drama and beauty of nature without sacrificing the performance of science.  Quartz worktops are incredibly durable and resistant to heat and scratches.

They have an exceptional toughness and a hardness of 7 on a scale of 10 (only diamonds rate a 10).

Quartz countertops, despite being a relatively newer concept have really taken off in popularity over recent years, this is due to the fact that they offer all of the benefits of natural stone kitchen worktops, without the cons. Quartz countertops provide the beauty of a deep stone worktop, but because they are a manufactured stone, they can come in many various colours and designs for added aesthetic flexibility.

Another benefit of these kitchen countertops is that they don’t crack or chip nearly as easily as natural stone surfaces, this is quite impressive when you consider how hard it is to chip or crack natural stone.

Hygiene is another important factor to consider, this is where quartz worktops really shine. It’s a non-porous material so you don’t have to worry about staining from coffee, juice, wine, etc.

The non-porous quality of these kitchen worktops also means that they aren’t going to host bacteria and / or viruses, which is of course a very important feature.


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