Popular Kitchen Appliances from Siemens

Feb 20, 2020 | Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

Siemens cover a full range of kitchen appliances and they have an outstanding reputation for combining innovative engineering, intuitive features, and attractive design to deliver exceptional-quality appliances.

When it comes down to how useful a kitchen is, we know that a kitchen can only be as good as the appliances that serve them. At Room by Room, we supply only the highest quality of kitchen appliances and we can integrate these appliances into a kitchen design. If you’re looking for new kitchen appliances or you’re considering a kitchen remodel, then our experts can help you.

To help you choose a kitchen appliance, read below for more information about the most popular appliances from Siemens.


Cooking and Baking

Siemens appliances make cooking, baking, and food preparation much easier. Using the latest technology and features, a kitchen appliance from Siemens can reduce your workload and streamline tasks, all whilst making your kitchen look stylish.

At Room by Room, we recommend using Siemens kitchen appliances for new kitchen designs as you can be assured of their quality and reliability. For cooking and baking, in particular, the intuitive ovens are one of the most popular appliances from Siemens.


Siemens Ovens

Built-in Ovens – The built-in ovens from Siemens combine versatility with a high-end premium design which gives your kitchen both fashion and function. Each of their built-in ovens is designed to harmonize with all of their other models for a sleek and contemporary appearance that suits most kitchen designs. A great benefit of these built-in models is that they are installed independently which allows them to fit into all types of spaces.

Ovens with Microwave – Combining two appliances together gives you greater flexibility and better cooking results. The Siemens oven with microwave appliance shortens the cooking time as the microwave heats up more quickly which can help you save up to 50% of the time cooking. Ultimately, this helps to streamline the tasks in the kitchen. Another great benefit of the oven with microwave combination is that Siemens models have a feature called ‘activeClean’ which means that the oven can clean itself.

Double Ovens – Double the ovens, double the workload. You can do so much more with the Siemens double ovens as they are packed with the latest technology and features with a modern design.



Dishwashers free up more time and allow you to focus on things that are more important in life. With Siemens dishwashers, they bring modern design, innovative features, and the latest technology to help make your life that makes life much easier.

These dishwashers offer a variety of practical benefits thanks to its height-adjustable side parts, foldable flip tines, and many other useful features.


Siemens Dishwashers

Built-In Dishwashers – The built-in dishwashers from Siemens offer a sleek yet strong design statement as it’s integrated into your kitchen. These are very popular types of dishwashers for new kitchen designs as they are designed to perfectly fit your kitchen space. Whether you go for a slim-line model or a full-sized model, you can be sure that the dishwasher will work efficiently and quietly.

Freestanding Dishwashers – Not only are these freestanding dishwashers easy to install and set up, but they are also designed to look attractive and complement your kitchen. Offering a range of intuitive functionality and convenient programmes, the freestanding dishwasher from Siemens is an essential kitchen appliance if you are looking for a new dishwasher.



A kitchen wouldn’t be complete without an effective cooling and freezing solution that keeps your produce fresh. The fridges and freezers from Siemens utilise the latest technology to offer intelligent cooling that improves the way your produce is stored and kept fresh.

The extensive range of cooling solutions from Siemens offers everything from small built-in fridges to large freestanding units that offer more storage.


Siemens Fridges

Built-In Fridges – The built-in fridges from Siemens offer great cooling performance whilst also being understated as they can seamlessly fit into any cabinet design. With the fully integrated models, you can even choose from a variety of panelling for the door to suit your kitchen design.

Freestanding Fridges – Easy to set up and connect, these freestanding fridges combine modern design with intuitive ideas and the latest technology. The Siemens fridges bring innovative cooling solutions to keep your food fresh. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colours, materials, and even technologies to fit your kitchen space.


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