Popular Colour Schemes for Kitchen Designs

Apr 20, 2021 | Fitted Kitchen, Kitchen Tips & Advice | 0 comments

The colour scheme and layout of your kitchen is perhaps one of the most important factors. This is because it will be the first thing someone’s eye is drawn to when they enter your kitchen. Whether you prefer delicate and softer looking colours in your kitchen or more vibrant and bolder colours to make your kitchen stand out and steal the show, there are combinations that will fit anyone’s kitchen design. Read on to find out if some of the following colour schemes could be applied to when you are designing your kitchen.


Black & White

The common phrase states, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” and this could not be truer when this colour scheme. The classic black and white combination is guaranteed to be a great choice when designing a kitchen. When dark black is used by itself, the kitchen can appear dull and monotonous. However, when you mix in a bright white colour, the contrast that is created is simply incredible. The kitchen design jumps to life and is often a great choice for all seasons. You could apply darker colours to the kitchen units and use white as the complementary colour on the worktops, walls, and accessories.


Powder Blue & Burnt Orange

This is for someone who is a fan of bold colours and is not afraid to show them. This mix of orange and blue really makes a kitchen stand out as the burnt orange colour gives a real warmth and the powdered blue is there to provide contrast. Effectively creating a good combination of complementary colours makes a significant difference when it comes to visual appeal in kitchens. As blue is seen to be more of a neutral colour than orange, you may wish to use blue throughout the kitchen, such as on the kitchen cabinets and units, while the orange colours can be implemented as accent colours.


Dark Red & Pale Green

It is known that red and green are great complementary colours that work effectively when used in combination. But it’s also important that you are using the correct shades of each colour as an emerald or a bright lime green may be too overpowering for certain shades of red and vice versa. When done correctly, this colour combination makes the whole kitchen stand out and is perfect in the summer months when sunlight is plentiful and can illuminate the whole room.


Purple & Light Grey

Purple is very popular when designing a kitchen these days. The darker yet vibrant colour can be adapted to cater for all seasons of the year. Purple is amplified even more with the addition of light grey as it’s a darker neutral colour that enhances purple shades. Light grey is a very modern and contemporary colour that works exceptionally with modern kitchen designs and purple also works well with traditional kitchen designs. By combining these colours, you get the perfect balance of both worlds. All of these colour combinations, including purple and light grey, can be brought to reality on our 3D planner page.


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