Making The Most Out Of Your Small Kitchen

Dec 20, 2019 | Fitted Kitchen, Kitchen Lighting, Kitchen Storage, Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

Creating more space for smaller kitchens can be difficult to achieve, but there are a variety of solutions to help you utilise the space better. A kitchen should be a functional space for spending time with the family or creating a fantastic meal for yourself or others. A creative mind and a little bit of inspiration are all you need to make your kitchen feel bigger than it currently does.

Here are a few tips to help you maximise the space in your kitchen.


Choosing Lighter Colours

If your kitchen currently has a darker colour scheme, then it might be making your kitchen feel smaller than it actually is. With a lighter and brighter colour scheme, it helps to reflect more light around the room, which essentially creates the illusion of more space. The best colours to go with are usually whites, creams, and even pale greens or blues. The idea is to keep the colour usage consistent and consistency is key when you’re trying to make your kitchen feel bigger and more open.

You could apply a new layer of white paint to the kitchen walls, replace old cupboards with brighter cupboards, utilising lighter accent colours on the kitchen splashback or furniture, etc.

Choosing colours may seem insignificant, but it does have a major impact on the overall feel and look of your kitchen.


Open Worktops

Worktops are one of the areas in the kitchen that can become quite cluttered with various items and cutlery. By clearing up space on the worktops, it creates a space where you can work uninterrupted and free of distractions. It might be worth investing in hangers or shelves where you can store the items you need away from the worktops as this will open up more space. You may even wish to get new organisers for your drawers so that you can store silverware and other items underneath the worktops.


Too Many Cabinets

Having too many overhead cabinets in a small kitchen can cause the kitchen to feel compact and low-down, but this might be space that you could be saving. To make the best use of the space, you can use larger drawers instead as they won’t be obstructing any space above the head, and this allows more light to bounce up onto the walls.

Large drawers can be quite effective as they provide easy access to more space, but it will also allow oversized pull-out drawers to store pots and pans away from counter surfaces which can cause clutter and increase the amount of space taken up.


Simple Additional Features

With a few simple additions of features, you can make your small kitchen appear bigger than it is, quite easily. There are many features you could add, but it’s best to keep it simple and not overload your kitchen.

  • You might want to add a gloss finish onto your cabinets and worktops to enable more reflections – this increases the amount of light that bounces around the room. If your kitchen gets plenty of natural light coming through, then it would be a good idea to make the best use of the light with reflective surfaces.
  • Another feature that we see a lot in both small and large kitchens is open shelving and storage. Having open shelves with lighter colours on the wall enables items to be accessible while also keeping everything organised and tidy.



Although a lighter shade of colour can be a beautiful addition to a small kitchen, using integrated lighting can further enhance the look of your kitchen. However, moderation is key when it comes to lighting. If you have too many lighting elements, it becomes too distracting, and it no longer complements the kitchen itself. There are a variety of lighting elements you could use to make your kitchen appear bigger than it is, and they all provide great benefits.

Here are a couple of lighting elements you could use:

  • Accent lighting is common in modern kitchen designs, for a purpose. Having accent lighting provides several areas of focus for the kitchen and it can highlight your worktop, counter, stove, and many more areas. These lighting elements can complement most kitchens and it really brightens up the room.
  • Adding spotlights beneath the overhead cabinets or open shelving can add a soft glow to the subject area. Perfect for adding light and brightening up a small kitchen.


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