There are many colour schemes that you can have with kitchens and the most common ones usually involve white. However, you don’t really see the colour yellow, till now. Yellow themed kitchens are becoming very popular. Is this possibly the year of the yellow Kitchen?

Many home decorating enthusiasts have claimed that yellow is a fantastic colour to have in a kitchen this could be the reason for how yellow kitchen has become trending.

Yellow is a very fresh and invigorating colour, and having these traits can suit to mostly all the different kitchen appliances. This is a colour that is well-suited for the kitchen for a number of reasons, the primary one is simply that it looks good. Naturally, there are a variety of different design strategies which can target around yellow kitchen walls, counters, cabinets, etc.

Here are some ideas on why 2019 is the year of the yellow kitchen.


Suits Everything

As kitchens have been getting attention for many years now, having a yellow colour scheme would be a great change to a kitchen as the colour yellow infuses it with energy and brightness. The best part of having a yellow colour look it that it looks nice when paired with almost any colour. Additionally, yellow can give a relaxing feeling and it can be applied to anywhere in the house, if it is in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

An interior designer called Lindsey Coral Harper had used the yellow-themed bedroom and bathroom in 2017. This went wild on social media, which created publicity for the yellow-coloured themed trend. Additionally, in 2016 an idea house designer Amy Berry had posted a breakfast picture surrounded with a yellow-coloured furniture. Again, giving more attention to having a yellow kitchen.


Easy Colour to Work With

Using the colour yellow doesn’t require much maintenance especially if you are trying to create a welcoming atmosphere. Have yellow be the star of the room, it will brighten up the whole scene of the room. Yellow kitchens are definitely becoming very popular and this year may even be the year of yellow kitchens. It is a very easy colour to work with and it holds many benefits of having this colour in your kitchen.


Benefits of Having a Yellow Kitchen

  • A kitchen that doesn’t let much natural light or could use some visual warmth, the colour yellow would be a perfect choice: it’s the most glowing shade and has the benefits of bright up space where you and family gather.
  • There are many colour ranges with the colour yellow such as creamy yellow, soft yellow, mellow yellow, etc.
  • A yellow kitchen is visually pleasing therefore can create a welcoming spot in other people’s eyes.


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