How to Utilise a Large Kitchen

Jun 20, 2021 | Fitted Kitchen, Kitchen Tips & Advice | 0 comments

Most people dream of and want a large kitchen space in their home, however, even if you have a larger kitchen, if space hasn’t been effectively used, you might not be making the most out of your kitchen. Essentially, you may be paying for a smaller kitchen at the price of a larger one! Also, be sure to check out our blog on how to make the most of your small kitchen to see the contrast between the two.


Use Ceiling Space

If you are struggling to find a good place in your large kitchen for decorations or additional lighting elements, then you may want to consider utilising the ceiling space. With larger kitchens, you’ll often find that the space between the floor and the ceiling is higher than in smaller kitchens. You can use this to your advantage by using hanging decorations or subtle lighting elements to enhance your kitchen’s appearance. LED lights are perfect for this application as they have low running costs and they are also very bright. Depending on your kitchen design, you may even wish to go for a chandelier or hanging pendant lights.


Adding To Your Kitchen Island

While many kitchens these days do incorporate a kitchen island, in larger kitchens, you have more flexibility and choice when it comes to deciding on a type of kitchen island. If the island is too small, it would look imbalanced with the rest of the kitchen, however, if it’s too big, you’ll be using up valuable space that could be used for something else. The good thing about kitchen islands is that they can be designed to suit your needs. Your island can have an integrated cooker, a sink, or other kitchen appliances. It can also be a secondary dining table or it could just be a social space for friends and family. With a large kitchen, you have the option of adding functionality to your island.


Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Darker colours complement large kitchens very well. A darker colour pallet is often a good choice for larger kitchens because it can make a kitchen appear more cosy and direct. Another way that darker colours benefit larger kitchens is that you can select certain kitchen units or items to be in a contrasting colour. If you’re after a simple and compact kitchen design, a darker colour pallet may be a good place to start.


Image of the smart storage solutions and kitchen units in the Sherborne kitchen design.

Extra Storage

One of the main benefits of having a larger kitchen is that you have more space to play around with storage solutions. When space is used effectively, that’s when you get the most out of your kitchen design. If you have space, you could add more storage cabinets for other items in your home. Storage units can also complement your kitchen design and there is a wide range of smart storage solutions available that can help you make the most out of your kitchen.


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