How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Summer

Jun 10, 2021 | Kitchen Cleaning, Kitchen Tips & Advice | 0 comments

As summer is fast approaching, there is no better time to get some kitchen preparations done so that you can fully appreciate the hotter days. During summer, you’ll want to invite friends and family over and as such, you may wish to make a few changes to your kitchen this summer. Below are a few tips on how to enhance your kitchen this summer.


Deep Cleaning

When it comes to summer, you tend to think of things that are bright, warm, and welcoming. A deep clean for your kitchen helps you to change the look and atmosphere of your kitchen, whilst also helping you to reorganise and declutter items. Having a nice and clean kitchen also means that you can enjoy your kitchen more.

Here are a few summer cleaning tips for your kitchen:

Clean the kitchen cabinets – One of the most commonly used parts of the kitchen is the kitchen cabinets. Simply using a soft cloth with warm soapy water will be very effective for cleaning and wiping down the surfaces. You can then dry the surfaces with a dry cloth.

Check for dust – Dust and pollen tend to be an issue in the summer so it’s important to keep your kitchen as dust-free as possible. If you have ceiling fans in your kitchen, you should check the top of the blades for dust to prevent the fans from circulating dusty air.

Refrigerator Organisation – You may be using your fridge more in the warmer months to access cool beverages and ingredients. One of the ways to prepare for summer is to make more room in the fridge by reducing clutter and cleaning the fridge surfaces. This way, you can make more room for other summer ingredients and barbeque leftovers.


Image of the kitchen island from the Solva natural oak kitchen design.

Flowers & Plants

Flower and plants are some of the most common decorative accessories that are added to kitchens, especially during the summer. Yet there is a clear reason for this. Flowers and bright plants are synonymous with summer and they are also great natural decorations that can add a splash of colour to your kitchen. Bright flowers enhance your kitchen and it brings that summer feeling inside. Placing plants on the window of your kitchen will allow the sun to shine onto the plants and helps them to remain fresh.


Kitchen Mirror

Adding a mirror to your kitchen can really help to optimise the light that comes into the kitchen in the summer months. The natural light will reflect off the mirrors and naturally brighten up your kitchen. It will also help to make your kitchen feel more spacious and open which is very beneficial for smaller or darker kitchens. As daylight hours are longer in the summer, this could also potentially help you save on electricity. A mirror can help to transform your kitchen into a comfortable space for working, socialising, and cooking.


Image of a kitchen top.

Seasonal Wall Art

Another great and low-cost way of keeping your kitchen current is by having seasonal wall art that represents each season of the year. A nice wall art piece of a beach or a sunny day can really drive that summer vibe into your home. Something as simple as a piece of artwork can make a difference when it comes to decorating your kitchen.


Image of an all-white kitchen design.

New Accessories

As summer is here, the weather will be getting warmer with more sunshine. With hotter temperatures, many people will be consuming more cold beverages and cold desserts to enjoy the summer weather. Make sure that your kitchen is ready for the heatwaves this summer by investing in some new kitchen accessories. You may wish to get some ice lolly moulds for the kids, a cocktail maker for the parents, and an ice crusher machine for the whole family to enjoy.


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