How to Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

May 10, 2021 | Kitchen Tips & Advice | 0 comments

In society today, there is a large movement towards making everything in our lives eco-friendly in order to look after the planet. This movement is beneficial for encouraging those who are designing their kitchens to consider the environment as well. Below are a few tips on how you can make your kitchen more eco-friendly.


Energy-Efficient Cooking

Be sure that when you are putting the oven on, you consider the length of time that you will be using it. Modern kitchen ovens tend to pre-heat in a few minutes, so gone are the days of wasting large amounts of energy and heat on pre-heating your oven to the right temperature. You could perhaps invest in a pressure cooker for your kitchen which can decrease cooking time by a whole 70%! Another option for energy-efficient cooking is to upgrade your current oven system if it’s quite old. Many modern electric ovens are very energy efficient compared to traditional ones and modern integrated ovens not only cook more efficiently but also look sleeker.


Long-lasting Utensils

Although high-quality kitchen utensils tend to be more expensive than an average cutlery set, they are worth the price. This is because high-quality knives, gadgets and other utensils will last for a much longer time due to the higher quality materials, meaning you are saving money in the long term. This is eco-friendly as it reduces the amount of plastic and metal waste from being thrown away. The fewer utensils you need to dispose of, the less waste there will be to recycle.

Reducing Water Usage

Something that we all use every day is the kitchen tap. There are different ways of saving water and making your kitchen work more efficiently to help you reduce your monthly water and heating bills.

An easy way of reducing both your heating and water bill is by investing in an instant boiling water tap. At Room by Room, we provide instant boiling taps from Quooker which provides hot water on demand. No longer will you need to wait for the kettle to boil and use more energy, a boiling water tap provides instant hot water when you need it and you only use as much as you need.

quooker tap

Local Ingredients

This may not be something you think about, but food miles are near the top of the priority list when trying to make an eco-friendly world. To make your kitchen more eco-friendly, external considerations such as using locally sourced ingredients can be beneficial. You could even try growing your own herbs and plants in your garden as you cannot get any more local than that. Using imported foreign goods may not be as eco-friendly as they sometimes use preservatives to keep food in good condition when being transported.


Reducing Food Waste

This is the easiest and most simple point that you should implement into your kitchen habits. Ensure that you are buying products with dates long enough for the product to be used by. In the UK, we waste over 6.7 million tonnes of food every year. You may even reconsider the portion sizes when you are preparing food in your kitchen as some may find that they often aren’t able to finish all of their food. In addition, if you don’t have one already, you could also invest in a compost bin which means that you can dispose of certain food waste to make useful fertiliser to grow more produce.


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