How to Make a Kitchen Appear Bigger

Sep 20, 2019 | Kitchen Storage, Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

Changing the Colour

Painting the walls seems like a simple idea and people don’t usually think about it in terms of how large a kitchen can feel with a new lick of paint on the wall. However, changing the colour of the walls and floor can have a massive impact on how big the kitchen looks and feels. The trick is to have a deep-toned floor, such as a dark grey and a light-toned on the ceiling and walls, such as cream. This will give you the illusion that the kitchen feels bigger than it actually is. If you have a low ceiling, try and paint the ceiling a lighter colour than the walls. This will make the ceiling feel higher, increasing the overall space in the room. An odd splash of striking colour in, for example, the window sill can aid the kitchen to look bigger just because it’s an unexpected colour and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Changing the colours up in your kitchen is an affordable way to make a small kitchen design appear bigger. For the price, it has a substantial impact on the feel of the room.


Mirrors Can Do Wonders

Adding well-placed mirrors to the kitchen can help space appear bigger than it actually is. Pointing mirrors to a centerpiece in a kitchen give the room some depth and can give a kitchen a touch of glamour. A mirror can bring in natural light and also artificial light to your kitchen all through the day which is inviting to yourself and guests when they walk into the room. Mirrors that reflect out of a window or a door can be particularly effective because it shows open space and gives the kitchen a natural feel. Extending the space can prove difficult when you have little idea about how to design their kitchen. A good idea that has proved effective for many of our clients is a mirrored wall, you will feel the kitchen double in size while giving it a glamorous look. Mirrors are a simple way to extend the kitchen without the hassle of knocking walls down and making it physically bigger. The illusion of the mirror can make a small kitchen appear large.


Spacious Open Shelving

Open shelving can have huge influence on kitchen design. Cupboards can often feel claustrophobic can make a room feel compact, however, kitchen shelves that open up are becoming more popular with new kitchen designs because of the efficiency it offers. Open shelving can expand a kitchen and makes space feel bigger and brighter and it often gives you a modern style which is always in fashion. This type of open shelving can give you increased storage capabilities and can help when you have a massive amount of ingredients and kitchen utensils in your kitchen. In addition, open shelving really gives your kitchen design some character that it needs without breaking the bank. The idea of open shelving is a popular kitchen design and you can take advantage of this today.


Let the Sunshine In!

Large windows in your kitchen can make a big difference in making a kitchen feel spacious and open. Natural light is a cheap way to make your space perceived to be bigger than it is. Natural light has other advantages like visibility and health and one thing that you can guarantee on, is your cooking experience can be improved by looking outside while cooking. Another way you can implement windows into a kitchen is a skylight. This way, you can add space to the kitchen while making a low ceiling feel higher. Sizeable windows in a room can give it personality without any real design thought behind it. Kitchens with large windows will bring in vast amounts of light which can make an ordinary kitchen turn into a polished one.


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