How To Design A Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Mar 10, 2020 | Fitted Kitchen, Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

The Farmhouse kitchen style isn’t what you would define as ‘minimal’, these kitchen designs are usually full of life and it often reflects the needs of the household. This design is more homely and comforting than any other as it efficiently utilises the kitchen space which allows more room to create amazing food whilst entertaining and socialising with friends and family.

At Room by Room, we specialise in the design, supply, and installation of luxury fitted kitchens in Wolverhampton, so if you’re looking for a farmhouse kitchen design, you can rely on us to achieve your dream kitchen.

To help you get a better idea of how a farmhouse style kitchen is designed, we have provided a few tips below.


Finish and Colour Variants

The most appealing elements of a farmhouse style kitchen is the lack of uniformity. You have the freedom to choose any colour that suits your preferences and your kitchen will still retain the farmhouse look due to the outstanding design details in the furnishings, worktops, and storage units.

For maximum natural light and illumination, we recommend partnering a lighter base colour with a contrasting colour when painting and designing this type of kitchen. Colours such as cream and alabaster for your walls and cabinets can make the room much lighter and feel more spacious, whereas the contrasting colour can be used to make a statement and highlight certain areas of the kitchen.

If you already have a big kitchen with lots of open space, then you might want to consider using darker shades of sage or light grey as they always fits well with the farmhouse kitchen design. It adds depth to the room without overwhelming it.


laminate worktopWorkspace and Units

The unit style is very important for creating the farmhouse aesthetic. Styles that look too modern could disrupt some of the more traditional aspects of the design.

For a conventional farmhouse kitchen look, you can use wooden open shelving units to store your essentials, whilst you might also want to opt for shaker style overhead cupboards to store the other kitchen utensils and items. Combining the use of natural materials is a fantastic way to achieve a rustic farmhouse look and it also means that the shelves will last longer. Natural stone or wooden worktops can further emphasis the farmhouse look.

For those that like prefer a cleaner and more traditional look, you could opt for overhead cupboards that are fitted with glass-fronted panels. This further enhances the classic look and it provides a nice view into the storage units so you know exactly where everything is.


Basin and Taps

Farmhouse kitchens have only one form when it comes to Basins, and it’s ceramic. Traditional and hard-wearing, a deep ceramic sink combined with a high-quality draining board is the perfect addition to the farmhouse style. Most farmhouse designs tend to use a light base colour which is why a ceramic basin would work wonderfully.

When it comes to the choice of taps, you have several. You could go for a fortune tap, a talos tap, or any other tap designs that have a traditional look. Most taps work well with ceramic sinks and fits in with the overall traditional farmhouse theme. A pull-out instant boiling water tap is also a functional and fashionable upgrade, making your Farmhouse kitchen look unique and stylish. This can be particularly beneficial for kitchens that need to meet the modern demands of the family lifestyle, such as daily cooking and washing up. These boiling water taps can speed up the way you cook and clean.


A large Image of innovative storage drawerStorage and space

One of the consistent design elements of a farmhouse kitchen is the open shelving units. You’ll see this across a lot of kitchens that have been designed in this style as this is what a farmhouse kitchen is about. Be proud to show off your statement items, essential utensils, and shiny silverware.

Like many other kitchen designs, farmhouse maximises storage space by offering clever solutions inside the island, corner drawers, and cabinets. One of the great things about this style is that it effortlessly combines traditional design with modern functionality and this can be easily achieved with today’s range of storage solutions.

For example, if you’re after the perfect pantry, our designers at Room by Room can design a clever storage solution that utilises door-mounted racks, pull-out baskets, even organised drawers to maximise storage space. All whilst staying with a traditional look to match the farmhouse style.



For farmhouse kitchens, we recommend going with stainless steel appliances. Although they work wonderfully with the farmhouse design, stainless steel also works with a variety of other kitchen styles so it’s very versatile. It’s easy to clean and long-lasting, what’s not to like?

A popular kitchen appliance that we see a lot of in farmhouse kitchens, is a built-in refrigerator. They seamlessly blend into the kitchen design and it provides a clean and elegant solution to your traditional freestanding refrigerator. The best part about the built-in units, is that you can choose the custom panelling to match your design.

Whilst an American-style double-door refrigerator is still a popular choice, we think that an integrated refrigerator is the way to go with a farmhouse design as it conceals the modern appliance.


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