How to Add Wooden Features to Your Kitchen

Aug 20, 2021 | Fitted Kitchen, Kitchen Tips & Advice | 0 comments

If you’re trying to change the look of your current kitchen or if you’re planning on a new kitchen, you may want to consider using wooden features. Utilising wood in your kitchen helps to create a warmer feeling and wood has become an important part of traditional kitchen design.

However, just because wood is excellent for traditional kitchens, it doesn’t mean that it cannot complement modern kitchen designs. As wood is available in a wide range of tones, colours, and shapes, you can easily find something that would be the perfect fit for your modern kitchen.

To help you get started with adding wooden features to your kitchen, we have provided some of the great places where you can add a touch of wood to enhance your kitchen.

Image of the kitchen island from the Solva natural oak kitchen design.

Kitchen Cupboards and Drawers

If it’s a cosy and traditional kitchen that you’re after, you may wish to opt for wooden cupboards and kitchen units as they predominantly make up the kitchen. By using wood materials for the cupboards and units, you can create a welcoming and warm environment that is perfect for the family and friends.

To enhance the look of your modern kitchen, you could opt for lighter shades of wood in order to complement the bright and minimalistic feel of your kitchen. If you have elements of quartz in your modern kitchen, wood will further emphasise the shine and gloss of the surface as it helps to balance textures out.


Image of an all-white kitchen design.

Accessorising Your Kitchen

If wooden cupboards and drawers aren’t your thing, there is another way of incorporating wood into your kitchen, but slightly more subtle. You may want to think about the different kitchen accessories that you could add or replace with wooden ones.

For example, kitchen knives, dining table, wooden handles, wooden kitchen storage, wooden chopping boards, and wooden utensil holders are all excellent ways you can add more natural materials into your kitchen.

These accessories might seem like they are just the finer details, but it all adds up. As wood is an incredibly versatile material, it can be used in the majority of kitchen designs.


Image of the Shelford Highland kitchen design in stone and portland oak colors.

Wood Kitchen Flooring

One of the most common ways people add wood into their kitchen, is by opting for wooden kitchen flooring. Wood is such as versatile material that it looks great in most places in the kitchen and it looks even better when you use it as flooring.

Various shades of wood is available to suit both traditional and modern kitchen designs, but you may also wish to consider using laminate wood. Laminate flooring is a cost-effective and durable solution for those who like the wooden aesthetic but don’t wish to use real wood.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of wooden flooring, you can read our previous article about the benefits of wood kitchen flooring here.


Image of a dark blue and white handleless kitchen design with wooden surfaces and worktops.

Kitchen Worktops and Surfaces

Wooden worktops add a whole new dimension to your kitchen as it provides a beautiful contrast against the kitchen units. Not only is it a stylish choice for a kitchen worktop, but wood is also a very durable material that looks better the older it gets.

For smaller kitchens, using lighter shades of wooden worktops can help to make the kitchen appear bigger than it actually is by brightening up the space. Whether you opt for wooden worktops for the kitchen or on the kitchen island, it’s sure to make a positive impression.


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