How Do Quooker Taps Work?

Nov 10, 2019 | Kitchen Taps, News

The Quooker tap is a flawless, innovative design from the Dutch brand, Quooker. They have executed the perfect addition to your kitchen by combining instant boiling water with your normal domestic sink, these taps are designed to save you money and time by pouring out instant boiling hot water.

A remarkable design filled with many features making your life easier, Quooker makes your cooking and chores simpler and quicker to do with less hassle involved. For example, pushing down on the knob twice and then turning will allow hot boiling water to safely funnel out in a controlled stream.

Uses of Quooker

  • Instant boiling water for cooking
  • Fill up a water bottle
  • Remove any stains easily
  • And more


How does the Quooker work?

The kitchen tap is placed in the same way as your conventional tap, this comes with a tank inserted right under your sink in the kitchen cupboard keeping the water at a constant high temperature of 110°C and dispensed at 100°C. There are 5 simple functions to get the exact temperature that you want all while being safe to use for small children, as a child safety mechanism has been put in place.

Water stays in the tank until it is at the adequate temperature, this only happens when they tap is turned on. While the boiling water flows out, fresh water immediately flows back into the tank without any inconvenience.


Importance of 100°c

The mastermind behind this ingenious design, Henri Peteri, decided to make the water 100°C because if it was below that temperature then it wouldn’t be boiling just hot, therefore not fully replacing the ordinary kettle.

This is the only boiling water tap on the market now, eliminating the use of kettles which are shown to be less reliable and efficient than the Quooker.


Why the Quooker Tap is Efficient

This polished chrome tap is a very efficient design and although on first look it may not seem like much, the standby usage cost is only 3p a day. This is because the patented high vacuum insulation prevents heat from escaping and the retained heat means less use of energy which results in lower costs. This also shouldn’t alter your running costs at all if you have a combi boiler. Quooker is made from stainless steel so therefore it is durable and hygienic as this can be cleaned easily with just a simple wipe.


Difference Between a Kettle and Quooker

A kettle is used to boil water but just to a certain temperature such as 90°C, whereas a Quooker tap boils up to 100°C while maintaining insulation that runs inside the tap preventing the spout from getting too hot avoiding any burns when you touch it.

However, a kettle is portable so therefore it can be plugged in wherever you go; furthermore, some kettles are wireless allowing you to boil water on the go whilst a Quooker stays in one place in your kitchen. Overall the Quooker is a much reliable incredible design created to save time and enjoy your tea in less than 5 seconds by pouring already boiling water into your mug.


Is the Quooker Tap Safe for Children?

This brand-new tap has a built-in child safety mechanism that prevents sizzling water from automatically pouring out avoiding burns to any small children near it as they can use the generic hot and cold water instead. 5 simple functions are used to activate the boiling water, that is why the Quooker tap is in high demand as it is very efficient and reliable.


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