Kitchens & Bedrooms for Pattingham


Room by Room is a leading independent studio that specialises in the design, supply, and installation of high quality fitted kitchens and interiors for Pattingham.

With years of experience in creating a variety of bedroom and kitchen designs, we are confident that we can come up with a bespoke design that meets your every need. Our Pattingham team will closely work with you throughout the project, ensuring that every detail is tailored to you and is within your budget.

Whether you’re after a contemporary design, a classic design, or perhaps a fusion of styles, you can rely on Room by Room to materialise your dream fitted kitchen.

Discover our range of fitted kitchens below.

Classic Painted Kitchens

In-Frame Kitchens

German Modern Kitchens

German Handleless Kitchens

Bespoke & Affordable Kitchens for Pattingham

We pride ourselves on the quality of our kitchens and interiors, the expertise of tradesmen we partner with and providing outstanding customer service from start to finish. We know that every kitchen design is unique and that is why our kitchen designers will be working closely to understand your needs and how we can achieve your dream kitchen within your budget.

As home improvement specialists in Pattingham, we can work with a variety of projects, from small kitchen renovations to fully managed projects that include building work.


About Pattingham

Situated in South Staffordshire and approximately seven miles from the west of Wolverhampton, Pattingham is a charming village that originally began as a farming community.

Since the 20th century, Pattingham has seen significant development with more modern houses being built and it now also has an estimated population of around 2,200 residents.

With these developments, Pattingham is also well-served by a wide range of transport links with bus routes and also the National Express. There is also a Grade II listed property just one mile outside of Pattingham.


Contact Us for Fitted Kitchen Design for Pattingham

If you’re looking for a home improvement specialist that can take on your fitted kitchen project, please get in touch with us at Room by Room. Our kitchen designers and kitchen fitters have years of experience in providing high-quality fitted kitchens to homes across the West Midlands.

Get in touch with us on 01902 710545 or you can send us an email here.