Creating an Office Within Your Kitchen

May 20, 2021 | Kitchen Tips & Advice | 0 comments

Although many businesses have re-opened across the UK, homeworking is still important and required by many businesses. Having a reliable home office means that we can maximise our ability to work from home and work effectively.

You may have already considered making your kitchen work-ready, especially if it’s a large, open space. A kitchen might be a good location for this because it allows you to easily access food and water, you can keep an eye on your children while working, and a kitchen is now considered to be a multi-purpose room.

Below are a few ways you can create a workspace within your kitchen.


Make Use of Unused Space

In modern kitchens, you may have a lot of space between appliances and worktops. You might also have a few empty corners that you could convert into a work area. Depending on your line of work, all you would need is a chair, a table, and a computer to work in a sufficient manner in your kitchen. Using empty space to make an office within your kitchen will also free up other rooms in the house such as a bedroom which is another popular location for makeshift office spaces.

Multi-Use Tables

Standard kitchens contain worktops, an island, and a table. The chances are, you could easily use the table or the kitchen island in your kitchen as a multi-purpose space, acting as an office and a dining table. This method also requires little to no hassle as it is simply placing a laptop onto a table that is already stationed within your kitchen. It’s even more convenient if your kitchen island has integrated electrical plugs.


Go for A Consistent Design

If you are going to dedicate a space in your kitchen for your work area, then you would want it to blend in with the rest of your kitchen. A good way of keeping things consistent in your kitchen is to use similar colours. Your office space needs to share the same colour scheme and be spacious enough to be seen as an additional element to your kitchen rather than just a laptop on the kitchen worktop.

Smart Storage

You will most likely have a cupboard in your kitchen full of unused items or junk from around the house. You could replace the items in this cupboard with paper files and information for your office space. Items such as pens and pencils and other necessary stationery can be stored there. Kitchen islands can also be specified with additional storage units which you could take advantage of if you’re considering a new kitchen design to include a work area.

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