Britain vs Germany – Kitchen Design Battle

Oct 18, 2018 | Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

Britain and Germany both have different kitchen design from each other because they have different kitchen manufactures, but which one is better? German kitchens are mainly about great precision. Germans are capable of designing in a way that best utilises space and making sure that their kitchens are comfortable and easy to use. While on the other hand, British kitchens don’t tend to go for the modern kitchen look and try to imitate certain present designs. Instead, British kitchens are broadly designed in a classic British style that mainly combines a mixture of traits taken from a rich legacy.

They both each have advantages and we will be comparing both types of kitchens.


Benefits of a German Kitchen

Renowned for being high-quality and refined, Germans are precise when it comes to engineering and manufacturing. This is especially true when it comes to German kitchens. Not only are they rigorously tested to meet quality standards to achieve a minimum of 15 years ‘operating life’, but their wall units are also built to withstand a greater amount of weight than your standard kitchen.

German kitchen manufactures have developed a cutting-edge design. Most of the German kitchens are modern in style, but they do also manufacture traditional kitchens. They use high-quality materials to create a sleek finish in either a matte finish or in a high gloss finish. In addition to this, the kitchen is built in state-of-the-art factories, therefore, making the kitchen very durable and easy to use.

Another great trait of German kitchens is that they have a variety of cabinet sizes and fittings to give you the ultimate flexibility in making the perfect kitchen you desire. Even if you have a small sized room or shape, you won’t need to worry as every inch will be used to create the perfect kitchen for you.


Benefits of a British Kitchen

Having a British kitchen doesn’t matter whether it is big or small, urban or rural, smart or casual, as traditional British kitchens are everlasting space that will always create a sense of warmth, allowing to escape the modern life for a short period of time.

A classic kitchen combines a variety of traditional materials in their design to give it a natural and timeless look.

There are many varieties of colours to choose from like, creamy colours, peachy colours, light brown, yellow, etc. However, a British kitchen isn’t a style that favour matched items and monochrome colour scheme, so you can experiment with it during the design.



Both British and German kitchens have their own benefits. German kitchens are leaning more to a modern style and creating more advanced cutting-edge technology to make a better design. On the other hand, British Kitchen focuses more on the traditional styles because it suits anyone house. In addition to this, it can create an escape to the modern world and enjoy a warm feeling within your house.


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