5 Tips for Designing a Stylish All-White Kitchen

Oct 20, 2019 | Kitchen Lighting, Kitchen Splashbacks & Upstands, Kitchen Tips & Advice, Kitchen Worktops, News

An all-white kitchen brings a modern and minimalistic touch to your kitchen design. All-white kitchens are often less stressful to design as you are working with a selective colour palette which means less hassle when choosing colours. This is a good definition of “simple is better” than being extravagant with your design.

In this article, we will explain a few tips to help you achieve a great all-white kitchen design.


White Floor Tiles

Although some may consider white to be a bland and basic colour, it is in fact a colour of versatility. The colour white can be used in all types of applications and spaces, such as the flooring as it can complement many colours. It’s also a neat way of lighting up the kitchen as it can reflect natural light around the room. You may wish to consider using white kitchen floor tiles as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can be adapted to your kitchen space. In an all-white kitchen design, white flooring completes the overall aesthetic and look. To get that modern and sophisticated appearance for your kitchen tiles, you may even wish to polish your white floor tiles to create a fabulous shine.

For a modern white kitchen design, white floor tiles are definitely something worth considering. On the flipside, for a powerful and contrasting statement, if most of your ktichen is already white then you may wish to break up the colour and opt for black floor tiles.


White Finish Worktops

To further embellish the all white kitchen design, you may wish to use white worktops with glossy and shiny textures to lighten the room. Glossy and shiny textures tend to work very well with white when creating a modern appearance and you’ll find that these types of worktops tend to have a sophisticated edge to them. The use of glossy surfaces in a white kitchen enables light to bounce off the worktops and around the room to create a sense of illumination and vibrancy.

Different materials are used for worktops, but one of the most effective materials for longevity, appearance, and durability is Quartz. This material is non-porous and very resistant to stains which prevent bacteria from growing on your worktops, effectively making your kitchen design appear modern and sophisticated, whilst also being reliable.


Modern Styling

Many people tend to associate a white kitchen with contemporary styling as the colour gives off a minimalistic feel. Some may find this to be bland, but when done correctly, it can enable you to achieve an amazing-looking kitchen that has all of the features and functions you would require in the modern age. There are several styling elements you could use to make your white kitchen more modern and it’s actually simpler than you think to achieve.

  • Many modern kitchens have streamlined surfaces and sharp shapes to represent contemporary design where everything is more angular and refined. The handles on cupboards and drawers, for example, are often very minimalistic and have simple shapes that give off a feeling of modernity. This can be further emphasised with the colour white.
  • Lighting is also very important when conveying a modern design. Subtle lighting and highlights can be used to emphasise certain areas of the kitchen and it also creates a focus. Some contemporary kitchens tend to feature subtle lighting elements which enhances the smaller details.
  • Island pieces can also be found in many contemporary designs as they provide extra functionality and features which may be needed in the modern age, such as an extra tap, extra storage space, extra workspace, etc.
  • Lastly, accessories and appliances play an important role. Modern kitchen accessories could be a great addition such as a built-in smart dishwasher, smart storage shelves and a neatly designed drawer for your cutlery that opens smoothly.

By opting for these features in your white kitchen design, it’s very easy to achieve the contemporary feel that you are after. A modern style kitchen could also be combined with a classic style to make it more unique. How ever you decide to style your kitchen, it’s sure to be an excellent “chill spot” for your friends and family.


Classic Styling

To contrast with the previous point, white also works wonderfully in classic kitchen designs. A white classic design makes your space look neat and applies a hint of elegance. Traditional kitchen design features such as wooden cupboards and shelves can be further enhanced by using white worktops and other accessories. Combining wooden cupboards and shelving with white appliances and worktops produce a classy and sophisticated interior, whilst reinforcing the classic design elements of using wood, oak, etc.

Wooden materials and effects tend to work exceptionally well with the colour white and it helps to achieve a classic look, whilst retaining a hint of modernity. So, why a classic white kitchen design? A classic design is suitable for customers who prefer the traditional appearance but still want a bright, attractive, and unique kitchen.


High Contrast

The consistency of colours is very important when designing a white ktichen. White complements other colours perfectly and it often helps to blend your kitchen together and provide a high contrast appearance when used with darker colours. There are a variety of ways you can achieve a high contrast look, such as using a dark colour for the floors, matte textures for surfaces, or even dark accessories, such as purple flowers or blue lamps.

Using contrasting colours helps to break up the white colour scheme and it enables you to use the contrasting colour to highlight certain areas of the kitchen. For example, you may wish to use a matte blue colour on your splashback to make the sink area or workspace stand out more. Alternatively, you could use a vibrant red colour to accent parts of the kitchen, such as the kitchen lights, shelving units, or even simple accessories, such as vases. There are a variety of ways you can use colour and it’s all about experimenting to find out what you like best.


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