5 Things You Should Know About Fitted Bedrooms

Jul 22, 2019 | Bedroom Tips, Fitted Bedroom, News

Most people that purchase a fitted bedroom need a little more storage in their bedroom, which is why it is worth opening up to the benefits of having a fitted wardrobe. As the name suggests, a fitted wardrobe is designed precisely to fit your bedroom. The great thing about fitted wardrobes is that it makes the most of every inch of space, squeezing more storage into even tinier spaces and you won’t ever have the unsightly gaps you get from freestanding furniture. In addition to this, having bespoke designed bedroom storage can increase the value of your home and make your home more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

Here are five things you should know about fitted bedrooms.


Awkward Space

If you are thinking of redecorating or reshuffling your home then you may consider fitted bedrooms as a potential option, it is best to try to see the area with fresh eyes and do not let awkward angles put you off. The aesthetic visuals of fitted furniture are that it doesn’t matter if you have a sloping roof or a low ceiling, as every inch is used. The design will be tailored to your room specification, if you are afraid of tight space then you can even opt for a sliding wardrobe which will provide storage solution in any size, colour or styles without using all the space.


The Design for You

When deciding on a fitted bedroom, you should be passionate about the design and the function just as well. Having the style you like is an important factor for any bedroom, just as well as the function of the wardrobe for fitted storage. This is why when deciding the fitted bedroom you want, it should reflect on your personal taste and interior style so you can make it your own. Choosing to go for a fitted bedroom will let you create the style you want and be as specific as you like with the design and the details. There are many styles you can choose from if you like a modern, contemporary style look then view the high-gloss or mirrored surfaces.



When choosing your fitted bedroom, it is best to have a look at your belongings. The fitted wardrobe will provide a storage system for everything, so it is best to know what exactly you will be storing. A great thing is that you can decide the interior of the fitted wardrobes and it can be entirely personalised to suit your taste. For example, in fitted wardrobes, there is often a need for a shoe rack to organise your shoes, which is a perfect way to save space.


The Perfect Interior

When you purchase your fitted bedroom, make sure the interior options you chose for your wardrobe suit your lifestyle. Make sure the options you chose provides the range of storage options you need, such as hanging rails, shoe racks, and specialist pull-out shelving to suit your needs.


Future Investment

Having a fitted bedroom can be a great future investment, as it transforms your room and even adds value to your home. If you choose a timeless style is a great way to ensure that even if you switch the design for your bedroom, your wardrobes will still fit effortlessly.


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