5 Signs It’s Time for a New Kitchen

Aug 10, 2019 | Fitted Kitchen, Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

Have you recently started to wonder whether or not it’s time to remodel your kitchen? You start staring at the same old kitchen cupboards that been probably been there for at least a decade. Before you realise it, your kitchen is slowly falling into a state of disrepair. This is where you might start to realise that a change might need to happen, well here are some signs that will tell you that you need a new kitchen.


No Space for New Appliances

Your kitchen space may be perfect for when one or two people are using it, but when there’s three or four, it starts to get cramped. To compensate for this, you may wish to purchase a new kitchen appliance to minimise the tasks needed to be done manually, effectively reducing the number of people needing to use the kitchen simultaneously. However, after you have purchased the new appliance, you may realise that there now isn’t much space between objects as you initially thought. Therefore, you may need to make the difficult decision of what to do with the new appliance you purchased. This is a sign that it might be time to remodel your kitchen to accommodate modern appliances and utilise space more effectively.


Cabinets Starting to Wear Down

The first time you ever saw your kitchen, you may remember the clean, sturdy, and new condition of your kitchen cabinets. The feeling of opening and closing the brand-new cabinets and seeing the impressive mechanism that works flawlessly is hard to forget. As the years go by, you may start to notice that the once perfect cabinets are no longer working like they used to before. It might start with the smaller things, such as a squeaky noise when opening or closing but eventually, it may develop bigger problems. Whether it’s caused by overloading the cabinets with items or due to maintenance neglect, you may be wondering if other items in the kitchen might be on its way out also. If so, then this is one of the signs that your kitchen may need a remodel.


Bigger Family

One of the obvious signs that your kitchen needs to be remodelled is when your family becomes bigger. When you first moved into your home with your loving partner, space is just perfect for the two of you. However, as time goes by there may be kids that are now sharing the use of the kitchen and there might not be enough space as there used to be. To accommodate your kitchen to a growing family, you may need to remodel your kitchen so that it effectively utilises space, introduces more suitable appliances, and suit the needs of the family.


Fridge Is Always Overflowing

One of the most challenging things about managing space in the kitchen is trying to keep the fridge organised. Especially if you have a big family, the fridge will constantly be overflowing on a daily basis. Although you could just get a bigger refrigerator, the main question would be where to place it. Since due to many things like kitchen cabinets, installing bigger fridges can be quite a challenge in most kitchens. It may even be better to get a new kitchen if you’re considering getting a new fridge if your current kitchen doesn’t have space for it.


Starts to Look Bland

Like many things in life, opinions and preferences can change. Maybe it’s been a good few years and you’re beginning to think that your kitchen looks the same and is ageing. If you’re starting to think that your kitchen is looking dated, old, or impractical, then it’s definitely time for a remodel. There is nothing worse than walking into a kitchen every day that you are not proud of the look of. Even if there is nothing wrong with the kitchen design and the kitchen is well-kept, you might not be able to help thinking that it’s become quite boring and bland. This could perhaps be a sign that it’s time for a new kitchen.


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