5 Popular Kitchen Tiles

Jun 20, 2020 | Kitchen Tips & Advice, News | 0 comments

Kitchen tiles add another layer of depth to your kitchen and there are many types of tiling available, enabling you to get creative with your kitchen tiling ideas! Kitchen tiling can come in all shapes, sizes, designs, materials, and colours, which opens up the customisation possibilities for your kitchen.

These tiles can be added to most areas of the kitchen, such as the walls, the splashback, and even the floor.

Almost all types of kitchen designs can benefit from some form of tiling as it breaks up the colours, the textures, and it can also add a layer of protection to your walls.

They are easy to wipe down and clean, offering a stylish and practical solution for decorating your kitchen walls.

If you’re looking for kitchen tiles and you are unsure of which type to get, we have provided a list of five popular kitchen tiles below.



Antique Smooth Crackle Metro

This stylish antique tile is a wonderful piece of design that features a crackle-glazed finish to show an aged and antique look, whilst the smooth texturing gives it a subtle glow. The antique smooth crackle metro tiles are available in a range of contemporary colours, which makes them perfect for not just traditional kitchen designs, but also modern kitchens and transitional kitchens.

These are truly versatile kitchen tiles and you can use these to create a clean appearance, a minimalistic style, or even something bolder with a striking colour. Metro tiles have been used in kitchen designs for many years and they always manage to apply a sleek, fresh, and timeless look to your kitchen.



Matte Hexagon Mosaic Tiles

With a very simple yet striking design, these hexagonal mosaic kitchen tiles can be used to create a beautiful look on the kitchen walls, floor, or splashbacks. The hexagonal design of these tiles is perfect for contemporary and transitional kitchens and they can be fitted in a variety of ways.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a creative design for your cooking space or a beautiful feature wall in your kitchen, the honeycomb design creates a striking and unique appearance. These kitchen tiles are available in a variety of contemporary colours, and they also feature a matte texture which adds a subtle glow to the surface.


Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect tiling is one of the most popular kitchen tile designs. These tiles are a fantastic choice for those that are after a flooring that looks great but is also very low maintenance. The main attraction of this tile design is that it has all of the characteristics of real wood, whilst also being waterproof and more resistant to wear and tear. The wood effect tiling is available in both polished and matte texturing options, with both types suiting all kitchen designs.



Cappella Marble Effect Tiles

Enter the world of Cappella marble effect tiles, where you can find a variety of realistic, natural tiles to complement a wonderful kitchen design. If you are looking for a natural effect for your interior space, then why not implement one of the most popular stone types into your design?

These Cappella kitchen tiles are often made from porcelain to achieve a realistic marble effect and they are perfect for complementing a modern kitchen design. You can choose from a wide range of colour options, stone effects, and finishes to suit your tastes and your kitchen design.


Moroccan Tiles

Featuring a wide range of bold and vibrant colours, Moroccan kitchen tiles offer a bright design that utilises a variety of unique patterns. It’s one of the most popular interior design trends as it’s unique, highly-customisable, and it can be used in various ways. A couple of popular methods of application include using up the full wall or alternatively, you can use a combination of tiles to achieve a Moroccan-inspired design.

These kitchen tiles are made from porcelain and are suitable for a wide range of traditional kitchen designs.


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