5 Popular Franke Kitchen Sinks of 2020

Jan 20, 2020 | Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Taps, Kitchen Tips & Advice, Kitchen Worktops, News

It’s a new year and a new beginning! For many of us, our New Year’s resolutions are already underway and we’re beginning to see positive changes ahead of us. So, why not add one more resolution to your list and consider giving your old kitchen a bit of a refresh? Kickstart your year with a brand-new look to the kitchen.

Refreshing your kitchen doesn’t need to be expensive or tedious. At Room by Room, we provide a wide range of beautiful kitchen sinks that can enhance the look of any kitchen. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations and that is why every kitchen and interior project is measured, designed, and project-managed by our expert team in Wolverhampton.

Here are 5 amazing kitchen sinks from Franke that would look great in your kitchen.


Image of Black Encore Worktop

Franke Ariane ARX160 Stainless Steel

This Franke Ariane ARX 160 kitchen sink is the perfect and trendy addition to every brand-new kitchen. As part of Ariane Undermount collection, this package comes with convenient additional features, such as a small bowl that can fit either the left or the right side of the main sink tub. This is a highly flexible drainage solution that can fuse with most aesthetic kitchen settings.

Furthermore, this can ease the workload in the kitchen and make cooking much easier, rather than having pots and pans scattered around your counter table.



Image of Bronze Encore Worktop

Franke Largo LAX110 45 Stainless Steel

An important part of the kitchen is the usefulness of furniture and appliances. Along with the Largo LAX110, this large sink offers extra space for washing and preparing food which enables you to save more countertop space. Another great feature of the Largo sink is that it’s suitable to be fitted with a waste disposal unit.

This sink has the potential to play a central role in the kitchen as not only does it provide a place for washing food and utensils, it also provides a range of other useful functions. This elegant Franke Largo bowl Kitchen Sink complements all types of kitchens.



Image of White Encore Worktop

Franke Kubus KBX160 45-20 Stainless Steel

The Franke Kubus KBX 160 kitchen sink is part of Kubus Undermount collection and it is a sleek and attractive addition to any modern kitchen. This sink features a smaller bowl on the right side which enables you to separate and organise items within the sink. It features a versatile drain that looks great in most kitchen designs. If you’re after a reliable and withstanding sink that enables you to multi-task, then the Kubus KBX160 is the sink for you.



Franke Galassia GAX611 Stainless Steel

A great, trendy addition to any contemporary kitchen would be the Franke Galassia GAX 611 sink. This is a beautifully simple design and that has been crafted with quality and precision. This sink fits in with most types of kitchens and enhances the look of the sink area.

Adding this sink to your kitchen means that you can benefit from extra space and it’s also useful for storing kitchen appliances. This effectively decreases the amount of clutter on your countertop.



Image of Franke Sinks and Taps

Franke VBK651 Ceramic

Ceramic sinks perfectly blend with a variety of surfaces including wood, glass, and granite. The shiny and impermeable coating withstands all types of standard household chemical goods and is suitable for any type of kitchen. This sink adapts to your kitchen and adds a crisp look.

This one of the popular sinks that many people have decided to use in their kitchen design. It’s a classy, sleek, and efficient sink that supplies extra space for additional workloads and it’s also a good choice for longevity due to the ceramic materials.


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