5 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Smaller Kitchens

Aug 10, 2020 | Kitchen Storage, Kitchen Tips & Advice | 0 comments

Kitchen storage and space utilisation are often some of the main concerns with smaller kitchens. While we would all love to have a spacious kitchen design with an abundance of storage options, in reality, most kitchens are never quite that big.

However, kitchen designers are very familiar with this they have come up with a variety of intuitive and clever storage ideas that can help you keep your kitchen organised without taking up too much space.

At Room by Room, we provide a wide range of smart storage solutions to help make the most out of your kitchen space. For ways to improve your kitchen space usage and storage, we have collated five kitchen storage ideas that are perfect for smaller kitchens.



Wall-Mounted Hangers

For smaller kitchens in particular, wall-mounted racks can help make your kitchen more efficient and convenient. By mounting a rack onto an empty wall, you can create storage space for essential items and silverware with easy access. In addition, you can unclutter your drawers by hanging your commonly used silverware on these mounted racks. You may even wish to opt for magnetic wall-mounted racks as they provide even more convenience and a seamless look for your kitchen.



Refrigerator Drawers

Refrigerator drawers are an incredibly useful storage solution as it can help free up space in your main fridge. It’s also very convenient for accessibility as the drawers can be positioned under the counter. For items that require easy access, such as beverages, an under-counter fridge drawer offers the perfect solution for discreetly and conveniently storing cold items. Some models are also offer a combination of fridge-freezer drawers which provides a greater range of features when it comes to storing frozen foods. If you currently have a spare drawer in your kitchen then you may wish to consider a refrigerator drawer, especially if you’re finding that you are often running out of space in your main fridge.



Cabinet Stacking

One of the best methods of maximising space in your kitchen cabinets and cupboards is by stacking your items. While you may have neatly organised all of your kitchen accessories at the bottom of the cabinet, there may be overhead space that is not being fully utilised. A great way to organise and stack your items is by fitting a tiered pegboard. It’s not a permanent solution and can be removed if you no longer need this storage option. With a tiered pegboard, you can segment your cabinets into multi-levelled storage boxes which enable you to fully use the space inside. Before, you may have only been able to use the bottom half of the cupboard.



Above-Cabinet Storage

If your kitchen has quite a few hanging cabinets, you could take advantage of the empty space above by mounting a shelf on top. This will let you store away more items on top of the cabinet and also on the new shelf above. Not only does this add another layer of storage to your kitchen, but it also looks very nice when items are organised above. Items that you store above the cabinets may be harder to reach so it’s a good idea to use that space to store items that you won’t be using very often.



Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be used to store all kinds of items and they can be installed nearly anywhere in the kitchen, as long as you have the vertical space. Whether you install it next to the sink or above the countertop, these wall-mounted accessories look great and they also offer more storage space on your walls. Most floating shelves are very easy to install as they are held up by brackets that are screwed into the wall.


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