5 Easy Tips To Maximise Your Fitted Wardrobe Space

Jun 18, 2019 | Bedrooms, Fitted Bedroom, News

Wardrobes are one of the storage areas in a bedroom that needs particular attention as we use it every day. Whether you’re all about keeping up with the latest clothing trends or you just want to wear your favourite clothes, everyone needs a wardrobe that is organised and well-utilised. In this article, we will be sharing 5 simple tips that can help you manage your wardrobe space effectively.


The Wardrobe Shelves 

Starting off with the wardrobe shelves, you should assign a specific type of clothing to each shelf. For example, you can place your shirts on one shelf and your jumpers on another which effectively divides the different types of clothing into their own piles. If your wardrobe doesn’t have separators on the shelves, then you can use baskets or boxes as an alternative for dividing your clothes. Using baskets or boxes means that you can also just pull them out and you’ll have easy access to all of your clothes. It’s a good idea to put the clothes that you use the most somewhere that is easily accessible so that you can just grab a few items and go.


Wardrobe Hanging Space

After organising your shelves, you can move onto the hanging space in your wardrobe. Similar to our first tip above, you should aim to hang your clothes in sections. It’s a good idea to keep the larger and bulkier coats and jackets towards one side of the wardrobe and hang the lighter and smaller jackets towards the other side. Fitted wardrobes with double hangers would be ideal for lightweight clothes as they can be easily divided. If your wardrobe doesn’t have double hanging space, then you may want to consider getting another hanging rail and some fixings to increase the amount of hanging space available.


Floor Space

In fitted wardrobes, there is often a lot of floor space for you to use and organising the space will help you maximise the available space. When it comes to your organising your shoes, you should keep your shoes at the bottom of the wardrobe and rotate them seasonally. If you have a lot of shoes, then you may want to get a shoe rack or line them up to save more room. You can also alternate the direction of each shoe to save even more space. In addition, if you have a lot of hanging clothes then you can group the smaller items together and group the larger items at the other end.


Utilising The Doors

Another great way to maximise space in the wardrobe is to add functionality to your wardrobe doors. If your wardrobe doors don’t have any hangers or hooks, then attaching some can help you store a variety of items, such as scarves, hats, belts, and much more. You could also install hooks at the back of the doors to hang other accessories.


Reduce Your Closet

If your wardrobe has become too crowded with items, then it may be time to minimise the number of clothes or accessories that you have. One of the main causes of a disorganised wardrobe is the amount of clothing that is being stored. If you browse through your wardrobe now, you may find items that you no longer wear or no longer fit. You can get rid of these items to free up more space in your closet.


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