5 Best Winter Kitchen Design Trends 2019

Dec 10, 2019 | Fitted Kitchen, Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Lighting, Kitchen Storage, Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

These winter kitchen design trends are not exclusively for winter as they also look splendid all-year-round. If you’ve been thinking about re-designing your old kitchen, then perhaps now is the right time. To help you get started, here are a few ideas you could incorporate in your kitchen design to create a contemporary, feature-packed, and luxurious kitchen.


The All-White Kitchen Design

Majestic, contemporary, yet minimal, an all-white kitchen is timeless and opens up space by utilising brighter colours. For those with smaller kitchens, an all-white kitchen may be a good approach due to the brighter hues. When it comes to these types of kitchens, it doesn’t have to be literally ‘all-white’. More often than not, all-white kitchens have a complementing colour that is featured throughout the design to break up with colours, and this works incredibly well. For example, you could have a white kitchen with red accenting on the splashback, on the hanging lights, on the kitchen stools, etc. There are many ways you can play around with colour to create an impressive and modern white kitchen. For more tips on how you can create an all-white kitchen, please read our article on ‘5 Tips for Designing An All-White Kitchen’ here.

For the winter season, in particular, all-white kitchen designs are very popular and they create a wonderful look and feel within the home.


Using Winter Colours

Another trend that seems to be very popular this winter is the simple use of colours. Hues of white, grey, and blue are often the most popular for the winter period, but these are also fantastic colours for all-year-round. You could use these colours on the kitchen furniture, such as cupboards, kitchen islands, drawers, and more. You may even wish to add wooden laminate flooring to create a more homely and cosy feel.

Using simple colours can provide a contemporary look for your kitchen, especially if the most used colour is white or grey. By restricting your colour palette and not going over the top with colours, it really embraces the contemporary feel and makes your kitchen a much more relaxing place to be, especially during the winter.


Kitchen Islands

Like many other seasons of the year, the Winter season is a particularly busy time for the kitchen as people are preparing hot food more often and they might be hosting more dinners during the holiday season – this is why kitchen islands are a big winter kitchen design trend.

Kitchen islands are a luxurious and useful addition, which are desirable in a kitchen, due to the variety of applications they can be used for. You can use a kitchen island as another workspace; you can install a kitchen sink to help with multi-tasking, you could install smart storage solutions underneath to help streamline your workflow – there is so much you can do with a kitchen island.

This is a popular winter trend because it creates a nice place for the family to gather around and socialise in the festive holidays. You can decorate and customise your island with a variety of materials, colours, and surfaces which enables you to make the island truly unique.


More Features & Functionalities

We’ve seen more people incorporating smart storage solutions and more features into their kitchen designs just in time for the winter. By adding more features to your kitchen, it can help reduce the time spent on tasks, improve your overall workflow, and it can also help keep items organised. The great thing about adding more features to your kitchen is that they can be blended into your overall kitchen design, which means that you can have a seamlessly feature-packed kitchen.

Here are a few winter feature ideas to enhance your kitchen design.

  • Marble Countertops – Classy, luxurious, and a smooth material that is perfect for countertops. Not only is marble hard-wearing, but it also adds a very nice aesthetic to your worktops.
  • Unique Drawers – A kitchen design wouldn’t be complete without quirky drawers to help make your experience easier and more convenient. Drawers can be designed in numerous ways which means that it can house a variety of items.
  • Quooker Taps – They provide an easy “route” to cooking and boiling your food. Offering safe and instant boiling water straight from the tap, it doesn’t get much better than Quooker.
  • Sliding Kitchen Cupboards – An innovative and clever design that makes your cupboards more accessible and unique.


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