5 Bad Kitchen Cleaning Habits in 2019

Apr 10, 2019 | Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Cleaning, Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

You may start noticing some bad kitchen cleaning when approaching the spring cleaning season. This season may start up all your bad cleaning habits again, and it may be time to upgrade the cleaning routines. This indicates it might be time to eradicate the bad kitchen cleaning habits. This blog will about the 5 bad cleaning habits that should be broken that you may have already picked up for spring cleaning in 2019. The kitchen is where food preparation takes place, which means it is a key area to keep hygienic. So, here are the 5 bad kitchen cleaning habits to stop this year.


Too Much Cleaning Product

When cleaning plates or utensils, you may be thinking if a little bit if dishwater cleaner works then a lot will work better and faster then. Well, that isn’t how it works, by using too much dishwater cleaner it can, in fact, cause more harm than good. Since, if the cleaning product excess remains on the kitchenware and is not rinsed away entirely then the residue becomes trapped in dirt. This is why it is not always necessary to use more product; it is best to use the recommended amount or even less. You will be wasting your money on the cleaner and time trying to rinse it away.


Antiseptic Wipes 

Using disposable antiseptic wipes are very useful for a quick wipe down for the kitchen, however, those wipes will hardly contain enough antiseptic to clean the entire kitchen. By the time you reach the stove and the sink the antiseptic properties are already gone, and you will just be directly spreading bacteria from one surface to another. To maximise efficiency and effectiveness, it is best to let the surface remain wet for at least 4 minutes. However, it will be more a lot more effective if you are using a clean cloth with an adequate amount of antiseptic solution that is diluted with a water solution.


Dirty Dishes 

A bad kitchen habit that nearly everyone does is leaving dirty dishes in the sink. By leaving your dirty dishes in the sink it will be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria meaning more insects will be attracted to it. The best thing to do is to put all the dishes into the dishwasher or wash them straight away.


Stronger Cleaners 

Using a stronger cleaner is just as bad as using too much cleaner and it can be a really bad cleaning habit as well since you can do more harm than good. The stronger the cleaners are, the more hazardous it may be for your pets or family. For example, chlorine bleach, it is a very effective antiseptic but not effective for dirt and grime remover and the fumes can be toxic. Therefore, the use of gentler cleaning products may be more effective for better results.



One bad kitchen cleaning habit is going straight to the vacuum, which is actually not that effective if you want dust to be gone for a long period of time. It is actually more effective if you are starting dusting before you start the vacuum, the kitchen should be wiped entirely then all the dust lands on the floor then it can be vacuumed away.


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