3 Trendy Kitchen Styles

Feb 10, 2020 | Fitted Kitchen, Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

If you’re planning a new kitchen design or a kitchen remodel, then it would be useful to know which kitchen styles suit your preferences the best. It can be quite difficult to decide on a kitchen style when you’re designing your kitchen as you may have several requirements and preferences.

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To help you choose a suitable style, read below for more information about three of the most popular kitchen styles.


Industrial Kitchen Design

The industrial kitchen style might not be what you imagine it to be. In fact, it’s quite far from the standardised and plain appearance that you would associate with the word ‘industrial’. This style of kitchen design utilises a variety of unique characteristics, personal touches, smart appliances, and highly functional space.

The main inspiration for this style comes from industrial production, warehouses, and storage units where everything is open and exposed. This style looks stunning when applied to a kitchen, especially kitchens with a lot of space to take advantage of.

It’s a very popular kitchen style as it offers a timeless appearance, even though this style has been around for many decades.


Key Industrial Features

The main elements that qualify a kitchen style to be industrial consists of exposed brick walls, reclaimed wooden surfaces, metal appliances, and large windows. These are the typical items that you would find in an industrial kitchen and when this is done right, it captures the urban atmosphere and makes your kitchen unique.

Here are some of the key features that you would expect to find in industrial kitchen design:

  • Concrete & Metal – In the industrial kitchen style, you’ll find extensive use of concrete, bricks, and metal which works together harmoniously. As the colour palette of these materials is rather neutral, you can combine a variety of furniture and appliances to make your kitchen even more unique.
  • Exposed & Open – One of the more distinctive elements of an industrial kitchen design is that most items are exposed. Most items in this type of kitchen would be easily accessible and within reach which can help streamline processes. For example, utensils, pans, jars, shelving, these items are all open which enables everything to be easily accessible.
  • Classic Lighting – The industrial look wouldn’t be complete without large old-fashioned hanging lights. This lighting is often determined by how much space you have in your kitchen and metal chandeliers are often a popular choice for bigger kitchens.


Bohemian Kitchen Design

Bohemian is a unique architectural and fashion design theme that originated from Central-eastern Europe. This style fuses various design elements and cultures which makes this a very versatile style.

Bohemian kitchen styling often includes chic furnishing and lighting, traditional textiles and cupboards, and the combination of light and darker colour schemes.


Key Bohemian Features

The main elements in a Bohemian kitchen are usually uninhibited, free, and natural. Below are the typical features that you would find in a Bohemian kitchen, capturing the tranquillity of nature and bringing life into your kitchen.

Here are some of the key features that you would expect to find in Bohemian kitchen design:

  • Natural Elements – In the Bohemian kitchen style, you will find a broad use of materials and colours that are natural, such as wood, plant decorations, and light colour schemes that complement a bright room. Wood is often a recurring material that is used throughout the design.
  • Modern Design – The typical Bohemian kitchen usually includes some sort of modern design elements to complement the overall look of the kitchen, such as minimalistic open shelving, sleek cupboards, and contemporary countertops. 
  • Patterns & Textures – In this design, you’ll often see a varied use of patterns and textures, particularly on the walls. You’ll also see many uses of rugs and woven furniture which adds an authentic appearance. These items create a rustic feeling which helps to capture the essence of ‘Boho’.



Hamptons Kitchen Design

The Hamptons kitchen style has long been a passion for those influenced by the fashionable, coastal beauty of the iconic interiors located in Hamptons, New York. This style originated from the upmarket Hamptons region of New York and has become an immensely popular style for kitchens.

Light-hearted, comfortable, and pleasant – the hallmarks of the Hamptons kitchen render it perfect for a beachside or family lifestyle. This kitchen style is particularly suited for those that are looking for a solution to clever and elegant minimalism of the contemporary design.


Key Hamptons Features

The Hamptons kitchen offers a variety of must-have features and it’s very easy to see why this style has become so popular. The balance of light and dark colours create contrast throughout the kitchen which brings out certain areas, such as the countertops. With this style, your kitchen can easily become the focal point of the home.

Here are some of the key features that you would expect to find in a Hamptons kitchen design:

  • Marble Details – Undeniably, marble is one of the most expensive and beautiful materials that you could have in your kitchen. The elegance transforms your kitchen into a classical dream kitchen.
  • White Colours – The key to decorating your Hamptons style kitchen is to stick with “white” as this will add a fresh, sparkling look to your Hamptons kitchen, catching all the light and showing off the stylish Hamptons
  • Oak Flooring – A popular feature that you will see in almost all Hamptons kitchens is the use of oak flooring. Using darker oak flooring helps to offset the white kitchen and add a sophisticated and chic appearance.


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