Kitchens aren’t just a place for cooking and food preparation these days, and it is often one of the main areas where people gather in the home. As such, a kitchen that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing can make a world of a difference for your enjoyment and also for your property value.

One of the key elements to the overall appearance of a kitchen is the lighting. There are so many ways you can utilise lights and subtle lights to achieve different appearances in your kitchen. In this article, we will be sharing a few simple tips to help you improve the lighting in your kitchen for a better overall appearance.

Task Lighting 

One of the first things that people do when they enter a kitchen is turning on the main lights and then going to the fridge, which also has a light. However, when you open your drawers, cupboards, countertops, and cabinets, wouldn’t it also be nice to have lighting inside those areas? Task lighting places an emphasis on illuminating specific areas in the kitchen that you use in order to improve visibility and appearance.

When installing task lighting, there are a variety of ways you can go about this. For example, when adding lighting to a shelf, one of the ways you can do this is by installing an LED strip to the underside of the shelf. This effectively creates subtle lighting below the shelf and provides illumination for things underneath. You can also do the opposite and install an LED strip on the top side of the shelve to provide illumination above.

For cupboards and drawers, you could install an LED soft strip to the top of the interior which provides beautiful lighting for the inside of the storage area. You could also use a switch or a motion sensor so that the lights will turn on when the drawer is opened and turned off when closed. For utensil drawers, in particular, this lighting effect is very impressive as it will make your silverware sparkle. There are so many ways you can use task lighting to provide emphasis for certain areas of your kitchen and improve visibility.

Accent Lighting

After you have added the necessary task lighting to your kitchen, the next step is to use accent kitchen lighting to draw attention to key details and interesting points. Points of interest could be a large painting, bits of artwork, or any other type of display that you want people to notice. It’s important to keep in mind that accent kitchen lighting is only effective when it’s brighter than the surrounding light so that it stands out.

Accent kitchen lighting can be installed in a variety of places, such as the inside of display cabinets or display shelves. Within these storage areas, you can utilise a spotlight, puck light, or a dot light to help draw attention. However, it’s also important to consider where you place the lighting depending on the subject. For example, with smaller vases, you might want to install a 30° dot light at the top of the cabinet to really bring out the colours.

For large pieces of artwork or displays, there are a variety of ways you can add accent lighting. One of the ways you can do this is simply by mounting accent lights to the ceiling so that the light shines at a 30° angle onto the display.

Ambient Kitchen Lighting

Ambient kitchen lighting is often overlooked in cooking spaces but it can help fill in any gaps with lighting to create a nice ambient glow for the room. This is also often an inexpensive way to improve the appearance of your kitchen. Recessed kitchen lighting utilises beam spread to illuminate certain areas in the kitchen so you will need to take into account the length and width of the beam. To avoid glare reflections on shiny surfaces such as countertops, you should avoid using direct downlights.

Ceiling lights are often a very nice way to add decorative ambient lighting to a kitchen. An alternative to using recessed lights is to use mounted lights that are flush with the ceiling. There are also semi-flush lights which are similar to flush-mounted ceiling lights. These lights project from the ceiling and they are best used for decorative statements in kitchens with lower ceilings.


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