The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home and it’s more than just a space for cooking and eating. The modern kitchen is able to tie the whole house together and provide a beautiful living space for the family. Whether you have a large or small kitchen, the kitchen can be styled to match your home, your personality and your tastes. Although a small kitchen may mean less room for décor, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautifully styled.

Updating your kitchen décor doesn’t need to be challenging or difficult. If you’re designing a new kitchen or redesigning your current kitchen, then here are a few décor tips to help you make a bigger visual impact.


The Secret to Colour

When it comes to design and décor, one of the most important things to consider is the colour palette that you will be using. Once you have decided on what colours you would like to use, it can be much easier to decorate your kitchen as you will have a theme to guide you. In addition to this, colour is actually one of the fastest and least expensive ways to update any room in the house.

However, the best-looking colourful kitchens don’t always happen by chance. In fact, there is a secret to choosing colours. The secret is in the three-colour palette:

Colour One: Out of the three colours that you can choose, this colour should be one that cannot be changed. Whether you have an existing kitchen colour or the colour of your countertop or cabinets, it’s important to have consistency when decorating with colours.

Colour Two: This colour should be neutral which can be used to complement the first colour. You can use this as a kitchen backdrop or add some separation in the colours.

Colour Three: The third colour should make your kitchen stand out and more unique. It’s often a vibrant or bold colour that fits well in your palette and adds pop to your kitchen. You can use this colour as a statement piece for various cookware, stools, and other accessories.

Finding the perfect three colours that suit your home, tastes, and preferences may be quite difficult if you don’t already have some colours in mind. However, one of the best ways of finding the right colours is to play around with colour swatches and find different combinations until you are completely satisfied with a combination.


Shelving Aesthetics

To further build upon the colours in the kitchen, you can add various types of shelving in order to add more layers and dimensions to your kitchen. One of the latest trends in kitchen design is open shelving. Not only do these items provide more storage space on your walls, but they can also lighten up the kitchen by creative some visual space.

If you have existing upper cabinets then you can simply add some open shelves to update your wall décor, rather than replacing the cabinets. There is an incredible variety of styles of floating shelves and they are also easy to install. Depending on the theme of your kitchen, you may want to keep the shelf display items minimal and colour coordinated for a modern and consistent look.

Another way you can easily update the kitchen décor is to add subtle under-lighting to the shelves or upper cabinets. This allows you to breathe display life into the kitchen and it can be used to highlight items. By complementing your kitchen décor with subtle lighting, it can create a whole new visual aesthetic that looks modern and bright.


Setting a Focal Point

When you walk into your kitchen, what is the first thing that stands out to you? Is it something that you like? If it’s not, then you should create a focal point so that the focus can be realigned. Focal points in a kitchen should be something that stands out to you when you first see it. When compared to the rest of the kitchen, the focal point should be unique and bold.

When creating a focus for your kitchen, there are a variety of ways that you can achieve this. You can try one of these techniques:

  • Feature a large piece of art on the focal wall.
  • Create a gallery wall for images.
  • Painting the wall with the bold colour you chose in the colour palette.
  • Using different textures or patterned wallpaper.

There is no right or wrong way of creating a focal piece and ultimately, it comes down to your preferences and what you would like to be a featured piece in the kitchen. Try out different techniques and see which one you like best. It’s all about experimenting.


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