10 Best Kitchen Life Hacks for 2019

Oct 21, 2018 | Kitchen Tips & Advice, News

Keeping your kitchen organised, clean, and presentable can often be a time-consuming task. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can take advantage of to help you declutter and manage your utensils, ingredients, and appliances. When it comes to saving time and effort in the kitchen, there are a variety of creative and easy ways to streamline your processes, whether it’s prepping, cooking, cleaning, or organising.

As we come closer to the end of 2018, we will be taking a look at some of the best kitchen life hacks that have made a difference for kitchens this year and will continue to make a difference for kitchens in 2019.


1. Bin Bag Dispensers

We are all familiar with that situation where we have opened the cupboard to get a replacement bin bag, but the roll is nowhere to be seen. With a simple kitchen life hack, this frustration is a problem of the past. You can simply mount toilet roll holders to the side of the cupboard and you’ll always be able to find your bags. Another benefit of this, is that you won’t ever need to fumble about trying to find the end of the bag again.


2. Simple Towel Hangers

Not being able to find a towel when you need one is a frustration that we all share. However, organising and finding your clean towels doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Of course, you could always buy a towel rail, however, there is a free and simple life hack that achieves the same results and adds some character to your kitchen.

A creative and easy solution to organising and finding your clean towels is to simply hang a coat hanger and use wooden pegs to hold your towels in place. Depending on the size of the coat hanger, you could hang a good number of towels.


3. Storage Containers for your Pantry

We all know that a messy pantry can slow us down when we need to find ingredients or gadgets. It can be very time consuming to shift everything out of the way to find the item you need. However, there is an easy kitchen life hack to help you organise your pantry and to create a system to store items.

Using storage containers to store items can help keep your ingredients and tools well-organised. You can even stack containers on top of each other to save more space for other items.


4. Integrated Kitchen Roll

If your kitchen worktop is looking a little cluttered or is lacking in space for other tasks, then there is a good way to open up more space. The kitchen roll often takes up some of the surface area on your worktop, so removing the kitchen roll and embedding it into a drawer can save you some space. You could always hide the kitchen roll inside a cupboard, but when you have your hands full and really need it, this life hack can make a difference.

If you have an unused drawer, you could remove the drawer and integrate a dispenser into the crevice. This will provide easy access to the kitchen roll and you will always know where it is.


5. Separation of Chopping Boards & Trays

It’s all of the little things that count when it comes to organising your utensils in the kitchen. With chopping boards, there is a little trick that can provide great results. We’ve all been there where we have tried to find the right chopping board by browsing through the whole cupboard, but only to find that it was hidden towards the bottom of the stack of boards.

There is a very simple solution to this which is adding pillars. With these separation pillars inside the cupboard, you can slide chopping boards in and categorise the different boards so that they are easier to find next time. You can even use extendible poles if you do not wish to permanently add pillars.


6. Hang Up Your Cleaning Supplies

Spray bottles, cleaning cloths, and tea towels are all needed to maintain our home and kitchen. It can be quite easy to just let cleaning products pile up, especially if you have a lot of cleaning supplies just sitting in the cupboard under the sink. If you need to navigate through a pile of cleaning supplies, then there is a simple kitchen life hack that can help you save time in finding what you need.

You can mount a tension rod in your cleaning cupboard which enables you to hang spray bottles onto it by their triggers, providing quick and easy access. This effectively frees up space below for other cleaning products and you can even use containers to keep cloth, towels, and sponges organised.


7. Magnetic Containers

If you have a lot of small items lying around such as spices, then there is a very clever way for you to store and organise these items. You could use magnetic containers to store all of your spices and small items. As these containers are magnetic, you can stick them to various metal surfaces in the kitchen, such as your fridge. You may also want to label the containers so that you know exactly which spice is which.


8. Drawer Dividers

Drawers are one of the things in a kitchen that can quickly become disorganised, especially if it contains regular use items, such as silverware and utensils. A disorganised drawer not only slows you down when you need to find an item, but it can also look cluttered.

There is a simple, yet effective solution for organising your drawers. You can create dividers in your drawers which enables you to easily organise your various utensils and gadgets. With a few simple bits of wood, glue, a saw, and a ruler, you can improve the organisation of your drawer. There are also drawer dividers which you can buy if you’re looking to save time.


9. Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

Counter space is very important, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. If you have a drying rack on top of the counter, then you could save that space by mounting a dish drying rack to a wall by the sink. Not only will your drying rack be within arm’s reach, but it will also be out of the way so you have more room to do other tasks.


10. Hanging Space for Utensils

If you have too many utensils to count and need a handy way to store them, then you may want to consider mounting them on a wall. Whether it’s pots, pans, spoons, spatulas, or other items, wire racks can be very useful for hanging your utensils. They help save space and they have a minimalistic design which is able to fit into any kitchen décor. This rack can be used to hang other items as well, not just utensils.


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