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Room by Room proudly supply the people of Wolverhampton and surrounding West Midlands areas with home improvement services such as fitted kitchen installation, fitted living spaces, fitted bedroom installation & fitted study room installation. Our bedroom and kitchen showrooms in Wolverhampton give you an essence of what we have on offer.

Throughout the years we have earned several awards for our outstanding customer service. It certainly shows that the customers are always at the forefront of our work due to our extremely positive reviews and testimonials from customers who have received our fitted kitchens, bedroom, bathroom or study installation services.

Room by Room specialise in the design, supply & installation of Bedrooms & Home Studies kitchens in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

As a team we work to create rooms that are as inspiring as they are practical delivering against our clients requirements as well as budget; fitted kitchens in Wolverhampton designed to work hard and exude style and elegance, Wolverhampton Fitted Bedrooms designed to maximise storage and deliver tranquillity and Home Studies and Home Offices designed to provide a comfortable and functional environment in which to work.

Whether you are looking for modern, contemporary, traditional or a fusion of styles we will be able to work with you to create a space reflective of your needs and personality.  Our work includes everything from small kitchen renovations through to fully managed projects including building work, tiling, electrics, plumbing, etc.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, the calibre of the trades people that we use and giving good old-fashioned customer service, where nothing is too much trouble.  Our supply chain includes both British and German manufacturers delivering the highest levels of engineering and design.

wire awards 2017
Room by Room; design for modern living.
Timeless elegance using the latest technology and functionality available.
The best Germany has to offer in terms of quality, functionality, durability & design.
Timeless elegance that more than exceeds the demands of modern living
Clean lines and striking silhouettes whilst radiating warmth and style.
Offering a wide range of doors and finishes.
When it comes to fitted kitchens we offer endless possibilities.
We offer a wide range of worktops to accommodate your style and budget.
Successful kitchen designs deliver functionally as well as ascetically.

Our Wolverhampton Kitchens Showroom Is Designed To Inspire You, So Pop In And See Us.

 Contact Us for Bedrooms & Kitchens in Wolverhampton

If you are interested in our fitted kitchens and bedrooms or installation services, you can contact us with any enquiries you may have and we’ll do all that we can to resolve all the questions on your mind. Alternatively, you can come directly to our bedroom and kitchen showrooms and check out our range of fitted kitchens & furniture in order to find the one that is perfect for you and your home.

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